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LO's Sizes

What sizes are your LOs in? I cannot believe how quickly my DS is going through clothing sizes!

At his 6 month appt, he was 20 lbs and 29 in. He's currently in size 3 diapers barely... and in 12 month or 18 month clothes, depending.

I know there are moms out there whose LOs were preemies and/or struggle with weight gain, and I definitely don't mean any disrespect or mean to be insensitive by this post. Our family and friends are constantly commenting on LOs size and refer to him as "Giant Baby", so I'm really self conscious about how big he is. I try to remind myself that he's healthy and happy, and that's all that matters.

I guess I'm hoping for a reminder that I'm not alone in the "giant" baby club...

Also, when does this growth typically slow down?!
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Re: LO's Sizes

  • My kid isn't 6 months yet and is almost as big as yours. He's 1lb shy and in 12month clothing. He's pretty solid though.
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  • lol DD doesn't have a doc appt til next month, but she's probably around 23-24 pounds right now! she is slowly, but surely growing out of her 12 month old clothes and getting into some 18-24 month clothes. everyone mistakes her as a 1 year old LOL. 
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  • I have a 20 lb. 6 mo. old as well. He is also wearing 12 to 18 months. I have to put him in larger bottoms than tops because his thighs are so big, so it makes buying outfits hard. His pedi said his growth will start to slow down now and he will only gain around a pound a month.

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  • DDs six month appt isn't until Wednesday, but according to my measurements she 17.6 lbs and 28". She wears 9 m, 6 to12m, some straight 12 m. Depends on the brand.

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  • My LO is 21 lbs and I don't know how tall because he a squirmer but he was 27 inches at his 4 month in April. He is in 1218 month clothes also. I get that a lot too. Every morning his DCP says "How's my big huge boy?". I don't take it personally but it gets annoying. My DH and I are both 5 foot 7. My dad is 6 foot 4 so we think that's where he is getting it.

    I have already noticed a slowdown. He was 19 lbs at 4 months so he only gained 2 lbs.

    I'm having trouble finding PJs. Most PJs are made for toddlers with skinny legs but he still has chunky baby legs.
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  • Your LO sounds just perfect. Some babies are big, some are small. The downside to a bigger kid is how fast you go through clothing, but hey you'll probably have more toned arms from the lifting. My kids were both almost 8 lbs at birth but would slide down the percentile scale every time. DD was 14 lbs 25" at her 6 month appt... a peanut.
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  • G is 18.5lbs and in 9 months clothes at 6.5 months.
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  • My LO is almost 7 months, 20 lbs, and 28 inches. He is in mostly 12 month and some 18 month. There are a few off brand shirts and pants he can wear in 9 month but not many at all
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  • I think clothes are just made small. My LO will be 6mo next week, and is 19th percentile, only 14lbs last week. Some dresses she can wear 3 to 6 months, but she mostly wears 612 months clothes. So I can see how average to big babies would have to size up early.
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  • I am glad to see there are others with big babies. My friends always comment on how "fat" DD is. She is 7.5 months and 20 lbs as of today. She is only about 27 inches long. It depends on the brand, but she is in anytjing from 9 month to 18 month. People forget that she was nearly 10 lbs at birth.
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  • Mine is almost eight months old and she fits in 3-6 month clothing or 6 month clothing. 
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  • My DS is 6 months and still fits comfortably in 3 month clothes but also wears 6 & 9 month things. 

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  • Another member of the big baby club!  My DS was 22 lbs and 28.5 inches at his 6 month appointment.  He is currently in Size 4 diapers and fits in his 12 month clothes, but I will only buy 18 month.

     I get the OMG he is a huge baby all the time.  The interesting thing is he is not really that chunky, but rather looks to be 11 - 12 months old rather than almost 7.   He has been a big guy from birth! 

    I second the healthy and happy is all that matters! I try to remind myself that it seems like people always find something to talk about - if he wasn't "SO big" he would be too small, etc.  I will admit that I have moments (usually after too little sleep) when I've had enough of the that is one big baby comments when I reveal his age - I mean it's not as if I am stuffing him or have any control over his size - leave it alone already!  He's just a big guy!!   

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  • My son is a big baby too. He was 19lbs and 28 inches long at his 6 month appointment. He's 7 months now and already 21lbs. He's in 12 month clothes too. I sometimes feel bad when people comment, but he's my big healthy boy. To top it off he was 4 weeks early and considered a preemie.  

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  • jani7jani7
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    Just lurking but my son was right at 20 lbs at his 6 month check up (he is almost 2 now). I too was sensitive about him being a big baby.  He is now almost 2 and isn't really chubby at all!  Try not to stress over it!  
  • DS is a bit older than yours, but he's almost 20 pounds and he is 29.75 in.

    He is still in 6-9 month clothing on average (some he fits into 3-6, but I push it, and some he needs 12 month).

    He's in size 4 diaper, but we could probably get away with size three... 

    His swimming suit and rash guard are size 12 month 

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  • Our LO is 6 months old and comfortably in size 3 diapers. He is in 6-9 month clothing. Strictly 9 month clothes are a little big, but he's starting to fill them out :)


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  • DD is wearing 9-12 months, or 6-12 depending on the brand. She is 17lbs and 28 inches. 

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