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Ok here's V's "sypmtoms"

She's 14 weeks today, 14 lbs. A healthy, happy baby. She gets colicky/gassy/fussy some nights around 6:30-8:30. She usually eats 8-10 times a day and is asleep by 9:30. She has STTN from about 8-9 weeks until this last week.

This week she:

Is a SUPER DROOLER. I mean we started using bibs because her onesies would be soaked through in 5 minutes and her neck folds are all sorts of rashy.

Is SUPER CRANKY. Just a real piece of work.

Does not want to eat. She will scream bloody murder if I try to lay her down on the boppy. Sometimes she's fine and will make "feed me" cues and I'll feed her, YAY! Other times she'll go 4 hours without eating. I nurse on demand but have been offering when I see her eat her hand. Now she's chewing on her hand ALL THE TIME so I have to resort to just offering her food.

Stopped sleeping through the night. Used to go down around 9:30 and sleep until 5 or 6am. Tuesday she was up at 11-2, 3, and 5. Wednesday just up at 2, last night 2 and 4:30.

Alternates between sleeping all day and not napping more than 10 minutes.

Is this normal? Ok? She has no fever and plenty of wet/dirty diapers. And when she's on her changing table, or on the bed/activity mat looking up at me lovingly everything seems to be fine. 


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Re: Aargh!

  • This is Luke almost exactly. I think it's teething. Yesterday he had a good day where I thought I had my happy boy back. Nope it was a tease.
  • Sounds like teething.  Hyland's teething tablets are good.  I was told benedryl on a qtip rubbed on their gums works because it's an anti-inflammatory by a medical professional (never tried it though...)  Cold teethers.  Our LO has become very drooly too and I assume he's teething.  DS1 started about this age, but didn't have a full in tooth until closer to 6 mo I don't think.


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  • It sounds a lot like teething.  A lot of times, the discomfort radiates up into their inner ear, so when she screams when you lay her down, it is probably because her ears hurt.  If she's not sleeping well at night, she's probably making up for it during the day, and if she is staying awake more than usual, it's probably because the discomfort makes it difficult for her to fall asleep.  It is a nasty thing...so sorry you and your little girl are having to go through it already!



  • Sounds like teething possibly combined with the 4 month wakeful. My DD has been a lot crankier and taking horrible naps lately too, as well as soaking more onesies with drool.
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  • I, too, vote teething. We're going through something quite similar. IT SUCKS.
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  • image pitterpatter129:
    Sounds like teething.nbsp; Hyland's teething tablets are good.nbsp; I was told benedryl on a qtip rubbed on their gums works because it's an antiinflammatory by a medical professional never tried it though...nbsp; Cold teethers.nbsp; Our LO has become very drooly too and I assume he's teething.nbsp; DS1 started about this age, but didn't have a full in tooth until closer to 6 mo I don't think. nbsp;[/quote

    Did you mean baby Advil/ibuprofen? Benidryl is an antihistamine not an anti inflammatory. And believe they shouldn't be used in the first 4 months. Benidryl is also not recommended until kids are much older 4 I think

    But I agree it sounds like teething ;

  • Hmm...I'm going to go against the grain and say it may not be teething. My LO went through the same thing a few weeks back. She would cry at the breast, and wake up every 1-2 hours and fuss a LOT. She would also chomp on my hand and drool all the time. However, things got better after a week, and she had her 4 month dr appointment. My pedi said that many people assume their baby is teething when they start drooling and biting on things, but around the 3 month mark is when babies start to have those tendencies whether teething or not. She said that many moms confuse this for teething, when it is actually a development thing that's perfectly normal. The fussiness/wakfulness I believe is caused from the 3-4 month wakeful. Also, I noticed you were nursing 8-10 times a day. Do you think she could be getting more efficient at nursing where she doesn't really need to eat that many times a day? I know a lot of people are against a schedule or a routine, but maybe try feeding her every 3 hours? She possibly may not be hungry every time her hand goes into her mouth. My LO has gone down to 5-6 feedings a day after that period of awful fussiness. As she has gotten older she has gotten so much more efficient at eating and eats more during each feeding than she ever used to. Anyways, just some thoughts from my own experience :) Maybe she really IS teething, but I'd really watch for swollen gums as a main indicator. Hang in there, it will get better!
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  • My dr said its not teething that they just don't know how to swallow their drool.  But ds got his first tooth at 3 months so for him it was teething. 
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