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4th degree tear

For those of you who have had one...I'm frustrated with and still trying to figure out the healing process. I'm 6 days pp and the surgeon told me I'd be lots more mobile at 7 to 10 days. The only big improvement I've noticed is that getting up and down from sitting or laying is easier. I can't imagine walking down the street. Just simple stuff around the house is exhausting!

Am I expecting too much too soon? Who else has btdt?

Re: 4th degree tear

  • I didn't have a 4th degree tear, but I had a 2 nd degree tear and a very large hematoma. My stitches were also ripped open when the hematoma was evacuated so I have had a very rough and slow recovery.

     I started feeling a lot better between 2 and 3 weeks PP. I started being able to walk again and it stopped hurting so much. I am now 6 weeks PP and I still get sore and hurt when I run or walk too much but I feel much much better. 

    Give your body time to recover, it has been through a lot. I basically stayed in bed for two weeks. Also my OB told me to take warm baths with nothing added (because I had open wounds) to help the healing and it definitely did!  

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  • I had a 4th degree tear with my first and I was able to walk better after one week. Getting up from lying down was the hardest part for me. I hope you heal quickly!
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  • I had a 4th degree tear with my first pregnancy and this one (my 3rd).  The first two weeks were rough, really rough.  I am now 3 weeks pp and feeling ok now, even took the other kids to the zoo the other day.  It is hard, but hang in there for a little while longer. 
  • I had a 3rd-4th degree tear and I'm almost 6 weeks PP.  I still have quite a bit of pain and rely on Motrin everyday.  Walking became easier around 3 weeks.  My doctor said I'm fully healed from the outside but I'm likely still healing around the internal stitches and I also had some trauma to they urethra.  She said it could be another 2-4 weeks before I no longer have pain/soreness.  Good luck with your recovery!
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  • Thanks so much for your replies.  I think maybe I am just expecting too much too soon.  I have tried to spend much more of today in bed.  I am also trying to rely on just using Motrin, as I would rather avoid taking percoset while breastfeeding.  Plus I took just one in the hospital and felt super loopy.

  • I have a second degree tear and two internal tears and I am still really uncomfortable almost two weeks postpartum however I am able to move around pretty well. Usually the pain increases the more I sit since it puts pressure on the area.
  • image JohnsonShmonson:
    I had a 4th degree tear with my first and I was able to walk better after one week. Getting up from lying down was the hardest part for me. I hope you heal quickly!

    Same here... I took lots of Motrin for at least two weeks PP with my first.
  • I had a second degree tear but had stitches redone at 7 and 14 days pp. lucky me, i know. I'm 5 weeks out and while i feel good most of the time it's still tender if i overdo it and sitting on the floor is still uncomfy. I say give it more time, take it way easy and keep popping motrin. Motrin and ice packs were helpful to me.

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  • manzdamanzda
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    I have a 3rd degree tear and felt terrible the first week. However, at about 8 days postpartum I felt a million times better, pretty much out of no where.
  • I had a third degree tear and it took about four weeks to start feeling a lot better, still had discomfort when sitting down and getting up.  I am six weeks out now and feel so much better.  I very rarely have any discomfort finally!  Hang in there!

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  • Sorry you're going through this.  With my first I had a 3 rd degree tear and took ibuprofen every day for a month!  It took about 6 weeks for me to feel normal again.  Hope you have a speedy recovery!
  • Thanks for posting. I have a 3rd degree and 3 weeks pp I am still taking ibuprofen and acetaminophen, but moving around is easier. Good to know I'm not the only one.
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