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2nd registry?

How many of you have two registries at two different stores? I did one at Babies 'R' Us, what is another good store to register at?
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Re: 2nd registry?

  • I did BRU and Amazon. I liked the addition of amazon bc so many folks prefer to shop online these days, and a lot of products are cheaper on amazon. i also have a secret one on pottery barn kids that I'm just doing for the completion discount and not sharing with anyone.
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  • I have 2.  1 at bru and buy buy baby
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  • With my first I only registered at babies r us.  I know some women who have registered there and also Target, but I just find it confusing and there is a high chance you will get multiples of the same item if you include it on both registries.  I know a lot of people who buy for showers, will look up your registry online and then buy from other stores any way to save some money.  
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  • We did our second at Target. I think they are a little 'classier' than Wal-mart (for lack of a better word) but price wise seem to be fairly priced.
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  • I'm registered with BRU and Amazon.  Some of the items were cheaper on Amazon, or not available through BRU.  I would have done a BuyBuy Baby one, but there does not appear to be any in my state.

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  • I did Target out of convenience for my friends and family and then a website called Baby List where you can add products from any website. 
  • I only registered at BRU. I can get everything I want there. For me I liked the idea of keeping it simple.
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  • I have 3. Babies r us, buy buy baby and pottery barn baby. Target is also good.

  • Targets good to register at it can give people a cheaper choice sometimes.
  • I have two. One at BRU and one at Target.
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  • I will most likely be doing Buy Buy Baby, Pottery Barn baby, and Babies R Us.
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  • With our first I did one at BRU and one at Target. I made sure each had different items to keep it simple for people.


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  • I have Buy Buy Baby and Target
  • Thanks ladies, I am going to browse a few of the suggested stores, I want a diaper bag that doesn't look so babyish, but everywhere I have looked they're are so expensive any suggestions on that?
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    I have Buy Buy Baby and Target

    Same here. Most things are on the Target one. The stroller and crib and their accessories are at Buy Buy Baby.  


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  • I am registered at BRU and Amazon.  We considered Target too for a local and cheaper option but we did not want 3 registeries.  We did Amazon because they had the bedding that we wanted plus you can put anything from anywhere on there.

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    We're registering for the majority of things at BRU and then also having a small registry at Target for less expensive items.  I plan on having duplicates of some things because some of the shower guests have a Target nearby but not BRU. 
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  • I did Babies R Us and Target.
  • I have one a BRU and Target. But I made sure to not add the same items on both registries. 


    I also have one at One Step Ahead that I'm not sharing with anyone.  

  • We have 3. One at Babies r us, Target and amazon.
  • I have BRU, Amazon, and Target. I'm not having a shower though, I just want coupons.
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    Thanks ladies, I am going to browse a few of the suggested stores, I want a diaper bag that doesn't look so babyish, but everywhere I have looked they're are so expensive any suggestions on that?

    I registered for the Diaper Dude Messenger II in grey pinstripe on Amazon.  The prices fluctuates.. I've seen it for as high as $90 and as low as $65.  

    I'm registered on Amazon and am working on one for BRU for folks who don't like shopping online.  

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  • We're going to register at Buy Buy Baby and if they don't have all the brands we want then we may do an Amazon one too.
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  • Lbear8Lbear8
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    I did target and buy buy baby. I think having a convenient location, not gas station ; store for people is helpful, and likely they will shop there anyway. If you don't register at a convenient store that they're likely to already go to, many people will buy you something baby related from there anyway.
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