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Back from lurking and baby pics

 Hi all - First, wanted to say hi to all who remember me, and to  all the new members who seemed to join in the last few weeks - it seems like we got some new blood in here!

Thank you to all who were thinking of me and Madeleine when we were in the hospital - short version, baby needed some help breathing and spent a week in the nicu.  She was able to be discharged with me, and we have been doing great since. 

I have totally been lurking with one hand via my phone... I hate posting mobile, and I have not had dedicated time on the computer to catch up or post.  But today is a rainy day, my older two just settled in front of the tv for a movie, and baby is sleeping extra long with a growth spurt.  So I wanted to actually say to hi, and show off some pics.  Hope everyone has a great weekend - my DH is leaving tomorrow morning for a work trip to Orlando, and will be gone for a week. ugh - wish me luck - it may be another week until I get to post again!





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Re: Back from lurking and baby pics

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