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F/U to post below (birth story)

Holy crap that was fast!  Shortly after I sent that post contractions started and were getting closer and closer.  I got in the tub at 5:45 and it really helped me through the contractions.  Suddenly I could tell things were changing.  I couldn't breathe through the contractions and I found myself screaming and arching my back involuntariliy.  Then all the "I can't do it" talk started.  Next thing I knew the contractions pretty much stopped and my body started pushing.  Five pushes and he was out!  No ring of fire, no screaming.  It was incredible!

I feel 1000X better than with my first (epi and pit).  I never thought I was capable of trusting my body and having my baby at home!

Lilypie - (L4SA)
Lilypie - (I4o1)

Re: F/U to post below (birth story)

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