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Anyone taking it or did take it? And did you see any results? Also, did you find it upset the baby at all. My LO only gained 1 lb 5 oz. from 24 months and dropped from 50 to 17 percentile. So I'm a concerned about my supply.
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Re: Fenugreek?

  • I do.  It's recommended to take 3-4 capsules 3-4x/day.  It is also recommended to take Blessed Thistle (not the same as Milk Thistle) 3 capsules 3x/day as it helps the Fenugreek to be more effective, or so my LC said.  Some people report smelling like maple syrup; I do but in a very mild way and only when I perspire.  Some folks say that their LOs have a reaction to it usually becoming very gassy, you may also experience this yourself, we didn't.  If so, you can always back off the amount. Drink lots and lots of water.  Lactation cookies also help me.  I'm doing all of this because my supply took a big hit after I returned to work and I find that I just barely break even for DS for the following day's bottles while I'm at work.

    Other questions I might ask would be if your are EBF or EP?  Does LO seem to still be hungry when done eating?

    My niece was the same way but was a formula baby from day 1, she just does not gain weight well.  She'll be 2 this month and I'm pretty sure DS is close to matching her in weight, or at least will be, well before he turns 1.

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  • Thanks for the info! I EBF. The whole thing doesn't really add up. She gained 3 pounds between six weeks and two months, then only a pound and a half from 2 to 4 months. To answer your question no she doesn't seem hungry between feedings, She goes about two and half to three hours between feedings during the day and sleeps through the night with just one wake up at 3 AM. She's a very happy baby and doesn't seem hungry, But they're worried and want me to supplement with 2 ounces of a bottle after every feeding, They seem to think she'll down it. However right now after two weeks of not offering a bottle she refuses to take one so we have to get over that hump first
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  • My supply dipped a little after about 3 weeks back at work.  I started taking Fenugreek, 4 pills 3x's a day (12 per day).  I saw immediate results, ultimately about 3oz more pumping output (which was great because I had been only about an ounce short). 

    After a week, I dropped down to only 4 pills a day for a couple days and when my supply remained increased,  I stopped taking it.  I've maintained the higher output for over 2 months now since a stopped taking it.  I would think if you keep up the high dosage for an extended period that it would start losing it's effectiveness.

    It made LO a little gassy, but was well worth it for the short time I used it.  I never did smell like maple syrup, but don't sweat much, so that may be why.

    3 lbs in 2 weeks?  Sounds like someone wrote down the wrong number when they weighed her at 2 months! 

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  • I took it for three weeks (610 mg caps/ 12 times a day) and it seemed to help.  But I'm an exclusive pumper and I took it in conjunction with upping my pumping sessions so I don't think it was exclusively the fenugreek.  Either way my output increased to about 40 oz per day and has remained at that level for a good 6 weeks.  It didn't affect my baby at all (from what I could see).
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  • Yes, I'm taking it now and started taking it about 3 weeks ago.  I was told to take 2 capsules 4 times a day to help get my supply back after being sick.  Though, like your LO, my DS was eating about 5 times a day and not gaining enough weight.  The lactation consultant told me to feed him every 2 hrs during the day, which also helped my supply.  The Fenugreek did seem to help.

    I took Fenugreek w/ DS1 when he was around 6-8 months and it didn't really help.

    Another recommendation to boost supply is Mother's Milk Tea.  I got it at Target but haven't used it yet. 

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