So about 5-6 times now DD (11 weeks) has done this: latch and make a grossed-out face (2-3 times) latch and GAG. She'll do the whole routine a couple times and go on to nurse as usual.

When this has happened it always on the same side, when that side is offered second and if she is tired (last feed before bed, first in the morning). I don't think I have a fast let down, she isn't choking, it is like she has stuck something too far down her throat.

Today when she did it she was "talking" the whole time so I just sat her up and she skipped the second side (which is rare).

It isn't anything I am worried about, just something I have never had happen before; I hope it doesn't turn into an issue. 

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Re: Gagging?

  • My DD had a bit of an overactive gag reflex (and still does) especially when she's tired or not feeling well.  It sounds like your DD's palate is maybe getting a little stuck.  One thing you can try is to take your clean pinky finger and gently push up and back on the roof of her mouth.  Try that a few times a day and hopefully it will help.  Good luck!
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  • my son does the same thing! I have a fast let down but he always does it quite awhile after he's been nursing. I have no idea what it's about but you're not alone!
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