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WWYD? Thrush question

Hi ladies! I know I don't post often and have been quite MIA since delivery, but I have a question.

DS2 and I have thrush. I was treated with diflucan and am pretty sure I'm good. Caleb still has it and is being treated with oral nystatin.

I pump at work and am an overproducer. Caleb takes 15 oz while I'm gone and I typically pump at least 20 oz. So I've got at least 30 oz in the fridge and don't work for 3 days. I've read that the yeast doesn't die in the freezer so I've trashed all the frozen milk from when I was infected.

Here's the question....
Since Caleb still has thrush do I continue to act like I have it too and dump the frozen milk or freeze it to use at a later date?

My fear is that I'm not truly clear and if I freeze and give it to him after he is that it will cause a relapse.

Ugh I hate to waste 3035 oz of beautiful milk!!!!

Thanks for your input!
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Re: WWYD? Thrush question

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