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I'm trying to switch over to cding and have purchased a Charlie Banana pocket and 2 BG pockets which have worked well. However, they are bulky. Do you have problems with clothes fitting? What kind of cding are you doing? Pocket, flats, etc
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Re: CDing mamas

  • Honestly, I've never had trouble with the bulk.  We use BG pockets.  I think it has to do with how the diapers fit your baby.  Both of my LOs have been true to size with clothes (or so far with DD anyway) as babies.  I find them a little bulkier than disposables, but not too much so.  Maybe it's because I don't have a lot of experience with disposables :shrug:  

    Most sized options are going to be less bulky.  Prefolds or flats and a cover are probably your least bulky options.  If you stuff pockets with a sized insert it will cut down on bulk as well.

    If nothing else as baby gets bigger the bulk will be less of an issue.  Some people just size up in clothes, or especially bottoms.   

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  • I put her in 1 size bigger skirts & shorts but I really didn't find them all that much bigger than disposables. I really don't like the 1 Charlie Banana I have, BG 4.0 is my favorite and I only think it's bulkiness is really noticeable when I stuff it for overnight.
  • They're a little bulky, but honestly you get used to it. My DD is big, almost 19 lbs, so she's in bigger sized bottoms anyways. PP is right, the sized CDs are slimmer but then they last shorter amounts of time and are not as cost efficient.

    The bulk used to be more troubling to me but now when I think about the money I save I really don't care!

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    Maybe they seem so bulky since I've only used them for overnights so far? Thus the pocket has been double stuffed.
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  • We use BG 4.0 pockets. I wouldn't say we've had problems with clothes fitting but I find they do fit tighter with a CD. Also when we were back and forth between CD and sposies we'd have to adjust the car seat every time we left the house depending on if we were leaving with a sposie on DS or CD. Now we are CDing exclusively and I love it. I've just packed all the too tight clothes away and the car seat stays on one setting!
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  • Most clothes fit fine. The only problem I have is jeans. She needs to wear a size up. She very rarely wears them anyways.
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  • We just wear less tight clothes, not so many leggings


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