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is working from home...

all that it's cracked up to be? 

I have been sort of looking for a new job for a while.  I like what i do, btu I dont love my company.

I came across a posting for a great position.  It's a work from home postiion which sounds awesome (ive been watning to work part time basically to be with my kids more but dont think id feel comfortable financially)

This is how the hours are described:

"...offers a flexible, results-based workplace (ROWE), and our employees must have the ability and aptitude to perform their job functions while working remotely/virtually, and function within a remote/ virtual team environment. With our flex-hours workplace, a portion of your workload can be completed at your own pace. We focus on deadlines met/results/tasks completed rather than hours logged. Hours are semi-flexible, with a portion of your responsibilities needing to be done during office hours (eastern time zone) including department and project team meetings, and some responsibilities open to making your own hours. "

Sounds pretty sweet - but I need to know from moms who do it, is whether working from home is all its cracked up to be!


Re: is working from home...

  • I do it from time to time.  It works for me.  However, I still take my children to daycare.  I cannot and would not work with them home. 


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  • I work from home full-time and I send DS to Daycare. No way could I do my job and have a 3 month old at home with me. Because I send DS to daycare, I work the normal 8-5ish hours so I dont have to work in the evenings or on the weekends to get work done (My work is all project based with deadlines, etc)

  • I don't work from home currently but have during my maternity leaves.  I had a babysitter at my house watching the kids while I did all the work that had to get done that day.  Then, in the afternoons I'd often take the kids out somewhere fun, or we'd run errands or I'd start dinner, etc. because my other projects and what not could just be completed when I wanted.  I liked that schedule.  I had a lot of freedom to take the kids to school, pick them up, etc. I definitely could do that long term, although I'll admit that I sort of missed the office environment every now and again and actually talking face to face with my co-workers.

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  • hocushocus
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    To me the big advantage of WAH is that I have get back 80 mins in my day because I don't commute. Sure I have more flexibility because no one really knows when I am at my desk or not, but fundamentally my job is the same and the stress and rewards are the same.
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  • I have worked out a deal to work from home one day/week while I transition out of my role. For me, this is great b/c I don't have to commute or dress up, I plan to grocery shop over lunch while the nanny is at the house, do some laundry, nurse the baby instead of pumping, and can take DD1 to swim class at 5:00 for about 10 weeks. But, personally I wouldn't really want to WFH full time. When I have done it before (only occasionally; never a regular arrangement) I didn't love it. I usually felt guilty about not doing enough from home but had a hard time engaging with work. ONe of the pros of working is social interaction for me, so just to sit here alone feeling tethered to the computer kind of a drag. That may also be b/c I have a job in which personal contact is important and many things come up in the office that don't when I'm sitting at home, so I don't feel as effective. If I were doing, I don't know, computer programming or something and could just get lost in my solo work it would be different.
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  • 2-Step2-Step
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    To me, no commute is priceless. I do sometimes have a hard time focusing since there is a lot of other stuff I could be doing at home. Overall I love it, but I only work part time from home, so I get out and about on the days I am not working. I might miss the socialization if I left a workplace where I actually like the people, but that was not the case for me so being alone is better than being with people you dislike!
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  • jlaOKjlaOK
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    There are pros and cons to working from home and it is definitely not for everyone. I do daycare drop off in the morning so I still get up and get ready and it kind of feel like I have a commute.



    - not having to dress up

    - flexible schedule (can work at night or weekends if needed)

    - doing small jobs around the house

    - unloading dishwasher, load of laundry, etc.

    - don't have to pack a lunch

    - you are around for repair people to come during the day

    - work w/o distractions


    - sometimes feel isolated

    - hard to get help/input from co-workers in a remote setting

    - don't have the same office comradery

      - communication btw co-workers can be difficult

    I personally love working from home. It helps that I work for a small company and we all work from home.

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  • Nicb13Nicb13
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    It's awesome....but I could never get anything done with DS there. No way. I have to shower when he's napping so I have no other time to get actual work done.



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  • jd614jd614
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    As I sit on the bus for the last hour still no where near being home , id kill to wfh. Id get 4 hrs of my life back each day and even while I'd have a nanny there I could pop out and see DS for a few min or take him to activities or eat lunch with him etc. the ability to do laundry or start dinner before 630 would just be an added bonus !
  • Please realize that "working from home" means WORKING from home. Not "have my kids at home too".

    Now, some people do it, and in this description, there sounds like there could be some room for you to sometimes have your LO at home while working.  But big picture?  Whatever core hours you have - you have to have day care.  YOu can't watch your child AND work at the same time.

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  • That job sounds great but I'd have to know a whole lot more about all those outcomes, etc that they're expecting & what type of time frame to understand how much 'free' time you'd really have. The description is good but part of me would be skeptical, maybe that is just me ;). Is there any chance the pay is tied to any of those deliverables?

    The commute time savings is a given & is great. I personally like to be around ppl and could not WFH full time. Ditto the others, having LO(s) at home w/ you alone generally doesnt work unless you can balance schedule with SO/family and/or work in the evenings, off hours, etc.

    GL! Certainly can't hurt to check it out :)

  • I love it but its challenging.  i worked ft as a director of hr then decided to leave ft work and consult part tine on my own for a bit. I do go in the office once a week while a family member watches him!

    but i notice as he gets older it takes time to work around his schedule! thankfully my work these days are project base and i plan things according to my schedule which is awesome its really the best of both worlds!

    I am looking to return FT to the workplace though by September and put my son in school as he gets ready to turn a year. i am enjoying this time together so much!


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  • I WFH full time and have three kids, who go to school, camp, day care, etc.  DH travels for work full time.  The upside is more flexibility but the downside is I still feel just as rushed.  And there is no upside to feeling rushed - like seeing people in the office or lunch out with friends.  Because I am either trying to be productive with my lack of commute time, or I am slammed at work and cannot leave to go to lunch.  When I travel to a work site I am always shocked at how much chit chat, random convos, etc. eat into the actual work day.  I could probably work 6 hours a day from home and be even with people who work 8 hours a day in an office.

    Bottom line - it's crazy isolating.  All of my working friends are in the city having lunches out during the week and all my SAHM friends are having playdates.  I don't fit with either group any more.

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  • My husband works from home sometimes.  He loves it.  But it's definitely ONLY doable when I'm home to watch the kid.
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  • image EastCoastBride:

    Please realize that "working from home" means WORKING from home. Not "have my kids at home too".

    Now, some people do it, and in this description, there sounds like there could be some room for you to sometimes have your LO at home while working.  But big picture?  Whatever core hours you have - you have to have day care.  YOu can't watch your child AND work at the same time.

    thanks everyone!  To the bolded, you're absolutely right and I agree.  My working from home would mean I would have my commute time at home, as well as my lunches.  This would add at least 2 more hours a day of waking time with my kids!

  • I've been working full-time at home for about a month now. It was a huge adjustment for me, and I found the first couple of weeks to be difficult, but now it's getting better.

    In terms of the work I do, it's really no different working at my desk here at home than it is working at a desk in an office somewhere, but I make a big effort to make my home office simulate a 'real' office environment ? for me that's important.

    While I have a choice over how I structure my hours, I like to keep to a typical work day, so I choose to work 7:30am-4pm while DD is in daycare so that everything feels normal to me. Other people in my company work a few hours in the day, then a few more at night. My company's only stipulation on hours is that we be available during the day in the event that something needs to be done sooner than later and that we work a 7.5 hour work day.

    It's nice to work at home for many reasons, no commute, less expenditures (I don't go out for lunch), I can get laundry done and work at the same time, can work outside when it's nice.....

    But... to some extent I miss working outside of the home. I enjoyed having a place to go to every day to segregate work life from home life, and I enjoyed having co-workers (most of the time). It was also nice to get out of the house everyday.

    I think for me the perfect job would entail both working outside the home, and having the option to work from home when you feel like it. I actually had a job before that allowed us to work from home as we felt we needed, and oddly, everyone would show up to the office every day. It was rare that people would actually choose to work from home.

    Anyway, there are advantages/disadvantages like any job. I think it's just important that you find a way to make yourself 'feel' like you're 'at work' if that makes any sense at all.

  • Pips09Pips09
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    I work from home occasionally, and did for a few weeks while on modified bed rest. I thought it was great. It wouldn't be a good choice for me full time, because my job really requires face to face time, but I LOVE not having to commute on my WFH days, and I love not having to get dressed, pack a lunch, etc. It's also convenient that I can throw a load of laundry in, or wipe the kitchen counters throughtout the day. My kid is always at daycare though.
  • I mainly WFH and it is the only reason I'm still with my demanding job.  I have to be available during normal business hours, but I have the flexibility in the early morning / late afternoon.  My role is similar to yours, my boss doesn't count my hours, or frankly care what hours I work as long as I am available for meetings, urgent issues and get my work done.  My team is split up all over the globe, so I'm used to communicate with people through chat, email and phone calls rather than face to face.  No commute is HUGE, I get back 120 min a day without a commute.  I have a nanny come to the house, so I also don't have to worry about daycare drop offs.  My nanny acts as a light housekeeper too, cleans the kitchen, does laundry, etc.  It was such a time saver when we were still on bottles and I was pumping.

    I think it is worth it, but it is not for everyone.  I'm doing it because frankly, my company pays very well and I know it isn't permanent.  I do think that by working remotely I have taken myself off the fast track, but that is OK.  That was my decision and I'm happy with it.  I have still received regular raises, bonuses and promotions, so I don't feel like I perform any less than my peers.

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  • I think working from home part-time is the ideal situation.  You have the benefits of socialization and networking, while you're in the office.  Then you have all the benefits of working from home - peace and quiet, casual attire, no commute.

    But, you MUST keep full time daycare if the job expectation is that you are available from 8-5.  There is no way to WFH with the kids there.  If anyone tells you otherwise, they are not being truthful with themselves or their company. 

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  • My boss let me WFH 4 years ago when my dd started Kindergarten.  It was half day and I wasn't sure how I'd get her to daycare after school (I know many people have this issue but I am lucky enough to have had this option).  My company and boss are located in a different state so it was a rather easy transition.

    I love working from home.  I'm an introvert and prefer being by myself most of the time.  I'm not a shut-in - I do get out, run errands, etc.  I love the flexibility it provides.  I'd say if you are a big extravert or find yourself easily distracted, it might be really difficult for you.  In fact, a lot of people say they could never WFH b/c they'd get too distracted by other things.  I think that's true but it's also something you get used to.

    My son is still in daycare and my dd goes to school/summer camp but I have, when necessary, worked with them at home.  Definitely not ideal but I consider this part of the flexibility.  It sounds like you can work at anytime but you have to ask yourself if you really want to do that.  I work 8-5 and occasionally I put in extra time early in the morning or at night but if I worked a little here and little there all the time, I think I'd get burned out.  Just something to think about.


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