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Freezer Stash

My LO is 7 weeks and I have close to 100oz of pumped bm in the freezer.  I'll be pumping when I go back to work, however with my first my supply dropped and I couldn't keep up pumping :(    

 Anyhow - how old is your LO and how much do you have stashed? 

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Re: Freezer Stash

  • Hardly anything! Between my ds1 and now ds2, I never have time to pump! It's stresses me out because I would like to leave him with someone else at some point.
  • My LO is going to be 8 weeks on Saturday and I have about 150 oz in the freezer.  I don't know if I can use it all though because recently he was having blood in his poop and so I stopped eating dairy about 3 weeks ago.  So I don't know if I can feed him the milk pumped prior to me stopping dairy.  Our ped said he would likely grow out of the allergy to the cow's milk protein, so I guess I'll hold on to it until then...??
  • I have about 40-50 oz. I was just talking to my SIL and she had over 600oz by the time her little guy was 7 weeks. That being said he was 7 weeks early and only took half an oz at each feeding for the first 2 weeks in NICU and she could pump 8oz a pumping session ever 3-4 hours. She had to buy a chest freezer for her stash!! 
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  • I have had supply issues and even with pumping after every feeding for almost a month I only have about 60oz. LO is 6 weeks.

    Im going to be SAH but would like to have a 2 weeks supply for emergencies or if I get sick or something.


  • DD is almost 10 weeks and I have over 150 oz stored.

    I go back to work July 1st and I occasionally have to travel for work so I'm trying to store as much as I can. 

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  • LO is seven weeks and I have around 50 ounces. He won't go to daycare until September and i don't give bottles regularly yet. When I do, I'll send the fresh stuff to day care and save frozen for emergencies or to top off. I get about four ounces when I pump been feedings and the few times I pumped in place of a feeding, I got six. I'm tring not to be a hoarder and end up with an over supply.

  • I have no idea how much total I have in the freezer, but I just transferred 40oz that I pumped in the past 4 days from the fridge to the freezer for storage.  My LO is 6 weeks old.

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  • LO is 10 weeks & I just have about 50 ounces. I should've been stashing a while ago I know


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  • Soooo jealous of all of you!

    LO is 9.5 weeks and I only have about 67 ounces.....I go back to work July 1 but will be keeping her home with me until the 22nd (with a sitter) so I still have some time.

    i am probably going to put myself on house arrest a few times and do power pumping days...

    I haven't had issues with BFing but for some reason I am a horrible producer with the pump. 

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  • LO is 6 weeks old and I only have 15 ounces frozen right now, but I SAH so I don't need a huge stash. I only started pumping last week.
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  • DS is 7 weeks I have about 20 oz in the freezer. He comes to work with me so I just pump in the morning and once at night and store for when he can't come anymore.
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  • I am a slacker. LO is almost 6 weeks and I only have about 30 oz in the freezer. I'm going away for the weekend in a couple weeks and I'm freaking a little bit. 


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  • My LO is 9 weeks and I have about 150 oz. I don't produce a lot pumping, so I'm trying to build up as much as I can for when I go back to work in a week.

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  • I am ep'ing due to latch issues.  I have 830 in my freezer currently and have donated 400.  No clue what I am going to do with it all unless my supply tanks when I go back to work (Monday), Sam is 11 weeks old.

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  • I'm jealous of your large stashes!  I have maybe about 20 oz saved and LO is 5 weeks old.  I have such a hard time figuring out when to pump, because she cluster feeds all morning and in the evening, and has been on a crazy growth spurt this week where she eats every hour or so.  Hopefully I can find my pumping rhythm soon, or I won't have much saved for when I go back to work.
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  • DD is 5 weeks and i have about 110 oz. I'd love to have that close to 200 when i go back in a few weeks. I have two possible long weekends OOT later this year and will need it plus more.
  • I'm EPing.  LO is 8 weeks tomorrow and I have about 200 oz stashed so far (I still have one more week of maternity leave, so I'm hoping to be able to continue pumping up a storm to keep ramping it up).  I'm concerned about how daycare will treat breast milk (throw out after 1 hour like formula, even though totally not necessary), so since I don't know the policy yet, I'm planning for the worst-case-scenario.  I figure I'll just have to pack a ton of little bottles for feeding if that's the case.  No sense wasting precious milk.  But I'll know soon enough.  There's only one game in town where we live, but since LO will be with daddy until end of July, I haven't made it a priority to get to know all the little rules yet.  Oops.
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  • My LO is 9 weeks and I have just over 100 oz.  I am not going back to work until late August (I am a teacher), so I have a little time still to build up.  I only pump once a day and get about 5 oz.
  • LO is 6.5wks and I have 150oz. I'm only pumping twice a day if time allows. I wish I had more.  My SIL had 1000oz at 4 months and was able to stop pumping and BFing and she was able to bottle feed BM until her LO was 6 months.  So jealous.  
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    14 week old twins and I have about 120 oz frozen. I'm no longer making extra, but am able to keep up with both kiddos.
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    I have over 700 ounces in the freezer and stopped pumping at 6 weeks because we ran out of room. I took some to my inlaws. I now just nurse and pump when I need a bottle for my husband.
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