ugh! snacker!

My LO has started to snack and I hate it! He'll show me all his hunger signs, smacking lips, licking lips, sucking on his hands, even crying if I let it go (because I know he just ate). And then when I put him to the breast, he drinks for a couple minutes and the falls asleep. I feel so used!
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Re: ugh! snacker!

  • I'm in the same situation.  It's starting to play with my head a little and make me question my supply which should be fine based on baby's growth.  But, nevertheless, here I sit wondering...  Annoying.  I'm just trying to enjoy the cuddles because I know soon enough she'll be a distracted eater.  My other two were...
  • He may be using you as his pacifier. My LO does that. And no cuddles i n the world can substitute the boob. He loves nursing for comfort!
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