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baby #5 maybe, adding more to that story!

I posted awhile back about how I, the idiot, did not take the minipill for a week while on a trip because I left it at home. I was with DH, two days later blood tinged EWCM which is my usually O sign. Figured that it was maybe nothing because still EBF, usually don't get back into cycles till way later on (9mo- a year or so). So I have done nothing with DH since, because I am sort of nervous, and waiting a little bit to be back on the pill. Today I notice I have pink spotting 10 days after O sign, yikes! I know it can still mean nothing, just had to tell someone about this :) I think I will wait a week then test! I have to throw this out there just incase, I know no one can tell me if I am pregnant! Thus far this board is the only one I have "talked" to so to speak, so just getting it off my chest ;)
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Re: baby #5 maybe, adding more to that story!

  • Eek!  Fingers crossed it's just random spotting! :) 


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  • Whoa, keep us posted! :)
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  • I'm scared for you.  Keep us posted!!!
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    Isn't your Baby 4 years younger then your others? The others are all 2 years apart right? The plus side would be that the baby would have a sibling close in age, right?

    That is very true! Still a little nervous, I have a feeling this will be a long week :) I will post when I test, I really should wait a whole week, but I am tempted to test on Sunday morning. When I was pregnant LO I had IB then a positive 3 days later. We will see how long I can hold off ;)

    Mom to 4 cute kids! 9 yo girl 7 yo boy 5 yo boy and new baby boy!
  • Wow! Hopefully things turn out how you want them to. Let us know! :)
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  • There is no way I would be able oto wait!
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