6m IDs - growth discrepancy?

The boys are just about 6m. Max is a normal, cute somewhat-chubby baby. Miles is absolutely a tub. He doesn't have big rolls, but everything about him is BIGGER. Bigger head, longer body, etc. We were absolutely sure they were ID, and now they seem so different. Can they still be ID and be growing so differently? Is this a stupid question? 
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Re: 6m IDs - growth discrepancy?

  • Not a stupid question at all.  IDs can absolutely grow at different rates.  Though they start out with the same genetics, they are affected by so many different environmental factors from just a few moments past conceptions. 

    While my 2-year-old ID twins do not have the same growth discrepancy you are describing, they have grown at different rates.  Perhaps your kids have different eating habits or different medical conditions?  If they are both healthy and developing on their own growth curve (without significant dips or rises), there is probably no reason to worry. 

    Though I understand the worry.  My kids' teeth came in at the exact same rates - except for one.  I was inexplicably worried that one of my daughters would be forever missing a tooth.  It came in 2 months later and their teeth have come in at the same times ever since.

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  • Yes of course.  Mine started out at about 25% difference though.  However they still have noticeable size differences.  I attribute to the growth restriction one has inside and his personality and eating habits.  It will be interesting to see if it will continue as they grow up.  I do worry sometimes because it is difficult not to compare them to one another.
  • I always say to my H that we have the least identical ID twins. J is a pound and a half bigger than D and almost 2 inches longer. They were born the exact same weight and length! All of their features are the same, but anything non-genetic about them is different. It's so easy to tell them apart.
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  • First of all, I can't beleive they're 6 months already! Not a stupd question at all! My IDs also are growing differently. K weighs a bit less and is longer than J, so J looks sort of tubby compared to her sister.

    Pleeeease give us an updated picture! Big Smile You act like you're busy with 5 kids or something! Haha!


  • They are still two different people who will grow and develop differently.
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  • Absolutely.  Identical twins doesn't mean they will be identical.  My girls are 1/2" apart in height, and 6lbs apart in weight.  They grew differently in utero, and that has continued outside as well.


  • It's absolutely possible. My girls have always been 1-2 lbs. and about 1" apart. One has a fuller face and a slightly bigger build than her sister.

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