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Why am I so nervous?

Ok, so in one hour and 10 minutes, I have my GD test.  I have not worried about it at all for the past two months I have known about it.  BUT, after getting on here yesterday and reading how everyone else felt after wards, I'm a nervous wreck!

I'm not worried about how this stuff is going to taste.  I have had a colonoscopy. If I can stomach that drink, this should be a breeze.  I'm not even worried about the outcome.  If I have diabetes, I know how to handle it.  My mother has been insulin dependent since I was 8 (I'm 30 now).  I have handled diabetes and I am prepared.  I am just SO worried about how I am going to feel afterwards.  I have my test then I HAVE to come back to work.

Was anyone esle this worried? How did you feel?

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Re: Why am I so nervous?

  • just try to relax as much as possible. :) ( i know it's hard to do) and good luck to you!
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  • I was a little worried too but I felt perfectly fine afterwards. Try to relax!
  • It's just sugar, so nothing to be worried about. I have taken it 5 times throughout my pregnancies. Although I feel lethargic after taking in so much sugar, it's really not bad and I always go into work after. Just take some protein with you to eat afterwards to balance out all the sugar. 
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  • I drank the fruit punch (tastes like very sweet Hawaiian Punch).  It went down just fine, sip don't chug! I felt fine for the hour I waited and the blood draws before and after weren't bad at all.  Oh and my doctor's office has us fast for the 1 hour test so even with nothing in my stomach for 12 hours I felt perfectly fine.  After the 2nd draw, I did bring a granola bar to snack on before I drove but felt fine I didn't really need it.  Just relax so you don't hype yourself up!
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  • Thanks ladies.  The orange drink wasn't bad.  Just kind of thick and very sweet.  I'm starving this morning from the fasting!
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  • Try not to worry too much!  I didn't feel that bad after it last time!  I just went and ate something pretty soon after and I felt fine.  Not everyone feels icky after it.
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  • I was super nervous too this am. I took the organge drink, tasted like the orange pop at mcdonalds. I felt fine but now im tired after the bloodwork. Im only 110 at 6 months prego.. Soooo... But im ok. I was all worried id throw up.. Now just waiting on results tomorrow and tryin to rest and get energy back.
  • I'm confused - are you supposed to fast before the test? My doctor's office told me I didn't need to. 
  • I felt completely fine afterwards. I might have been a little jittery from all the sugar but other than that I felt normal. I was more nervous about the drink, but I didn't think it tasted bad at all.
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    I'm confused are you supposed to fast before the test? My doctor's office told me I didn't need to.nbsp;

    Different offices have different protocols. Lots of my girlfriends didn't have to fast before their test but I did. If your doctor didn't say anything your probably in the clear.
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  • Thanks! I just confirmed with them that I don't need to fast. (Counting myself lucky!)
  • I had to fast.  And the test went fine!  I got a major headache, but no other icky feelings! YAY, now just to find out the results tomorrow.  AND I now go on to my 2 week appointments.  Baby girl's HB was 145!  Oh, and I am only up 4 pounds this month bringing me to a total of 12 pounds gained total.  I am on cloud nine this afternoon!  Thank you ladies for all your encouraging words!  And good luck to all those still waiting on results or to test.
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