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Late Night

It's 4am here and I'm sooo tired! And while I don't mind this feeding usually, DS will not go back to sleep the last few nights. So now I'm holding him not only all day long for naps, but also from 4am on.
I vowed not to complain about lack of sleep though since my good friend who is due in August just found out her son only has 1 kidney.
So I'm not complaining but I'd just like to say I wish I had kids in my 20's now. Mid 30's are tough. Anyone else feel like they are getting there a?! kicked by motherhood? lol
ETA Motherhood is tough at any age! Just meant that for me, I had alot more energy and every bone in my body didn't ache back in my 20's.

Re: Late Night

  • I can relate DD has been excessively stubborn about going down to sleep for naps or after feedings lately. But I can personally speak as someone in their mid twenties those late nights are still tough!!  And for sure, motherhood is kicking me this week hard, especially since DD and I are both sick T.T
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  • Yep. It's rough. I am 38....had DS at 34 and it seems harder even since then.
    DD was doing great with sleep at night but for the last month it sucks and it's killing me! Naps are never longer than 20 minutes and she's up every 2 to 4 hours st night. UGH!

    Me: 38, DH: 36, MC 9/07 at 12 weeks DS: 7/25/08 TTC#2 since 11/11 BFP 5/28/12!! DD 1/31/13

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