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Sleep in bouncy chair?

Would you let your LO sleep in the bouncy chair for a night or two?  

I had hand surgery today, and the bouncy chair is the only thing I can pick DS up one handed.  We bed share, but I am not doing so until I am done with pain relievers. 

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Re: Sleep in bouncy chair?

  • I would, but I'd keep him in the room with you.  I'm a firm believer in doing what you have to, to the best of your abilities.  I have a disaility that really limits the use of my left hand, so I do almost everything with one hand anyways.  When I dress DS, I often use my teeth to pull fabric tight, etc. (you'd be surprised what I can do with one hand and sometimes my teeth! Especially since this is a temporary situation, I'd do it but keep a close eye on him.

    You do what you gotta do, Mama!


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    My LO sleeps ridiculously well in his swing I wish he could sleep there every night lol. That being said, if he's having a rough night, I am guilty many times over of throwing him in his swing for the night so all of us can get some sleep. I either move his swing right next to the couch or put his swing at the foot of the bed And put my pillow next to him just so I can keep a better eye....or ear on him.

    Long story short, a night or two isn't going to hurt anything, I completely think you have to do whatever you have to do. Just keep an eye on LO!

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