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Question: BCBS of IL breast pumps

I posted this in the breastfeeding boards earlier, but also wanted to reach out to fellow August moms:

I have Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois and I called today to ask about breast pumps. They cover it as long as I purchase through an innetwork medical supply provider. My question is: I'm in the western Chicago suburbs, has anyone gotten a breast pump through BCBSIL in the Chicago area and what company did you go through?

The provider list on their website does not detail who supplies breast pumps and I really don't want to call 83 companies to see who carries them. I am hoping some experienced women who have gone through getting a pump through this process can help me. I'm due in August and would love to be prepared and take it off my registry to not worry about! Thanks in advance!!

Re: Question: BCBS of IL breast pumps

  • Did your insurance company not give you a list? Mine gave me 3 supply companies to choose from.

    Maybe call them back and ask.



  • They recommended bryam healthcare and there are four electric pumps to choose from at least with my plan. I hope that helps
  • Mark drugs carries medela. They are in the northwest suburbs but will ship. I was told that they will only cover a basic pump, not the fancy ones with cases and things. But I guess it's better than nothing!

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  • Oh and they also told me that with the new insurance laws there is a waiting list and they prefer you wait until month 8 or 9 I think before requesting.

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    They recommended bryam healthcare and there are four electric pumps to choose from at least with my plan. I hope that helps
    I have blue shield of CA and they gave me that company name when I emailed too. One thing to ask about, I'm glad I did, is if you can order it before the birth so you can have it sterilized and ready to go. They didn't allow it until after baby is born and my OB has to write a prescription for it. Maybe BS of IL will be more reasonable?

     All of this.

    Also you should look online or call to ask where to order it, I never would have known that I needed a prescription for it if I hadn't called.

     I'm in California but another website they referred me to was


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  • You definitely need a script. They told me that. Good luck!

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  • Sterling Medical is also an option. They only have Ameda Purely Yours but you don't have to wait to get it.
  • I have BCBC of Illinois HMO - not sure if you have a PPO, as that would make a big diff.

    To get my double electric pump, all I had to do was have my doc submit a referral, and my pump was sent out to me about 4 days later, automatically.

    It came from Edgemark Medical.

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  • I got mine downtown at Koserig Pharmacy on Western. You could do everything over the phone and they would ship it to you. They have The purely yours, and the medela. You just need to send them your prescription and a copy of your insurance card. They gave it to me right away and told me they would bill my insurance in August for it. 
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