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I know I've asked this before, but I thought I would ask again, since it's been a while and there are probably new moms on the board.

If you had GD with a previous pregnancy, did you have it with your next pregnancy(ies)? We are trying to get pregnant again, and I'm a little nervous about getting GD, because DS was pretty big compared to my frame, and I had a hard time pushing him out (he was turned though, but he was larger for gestational age).

I have been slowly getting into the healthy habit of eating better and actually exercising, but is it likely that I'll get GD again, even if I'm pretty healthy? I think the only reason I got it with my first is that I was eating out every single day (usually 2 times a day) and not exercising at all. Is my changing into a healthier person really going to make a difference? Will my next baby be smaller (I ask for pushing reasons, not because I want a super tiny baby, kwim?)? 


Thanks ladies.

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Re: STM+: GD

  • GD is completely caused by hormones. While changing your lifestyle can lower your risk or help you control it more easily if you get it, it does not guarantee you won't have it again. There is also no guarantee you will have it again, you just never know. I am sure, though, that eating out and not exercising don't cause GD. Hormones cause GD. Even the healthiest of women can have GD in pregnancy.

    I had GD twice. Diagnosed sooner in my second pregnancy, which is somewhat common. I had small babies, but that was most likely due completely to genetics and not anything GD related. If your first was a big baby, it's possible you just grow big babies and your second could be bigger. Or your second could be smaller. There is no way to know  until you get there, and if your blood sugar is controlled well it shouldn't change the baby's growth pattern.

    Really, though, I'd stop worrying about this until you are actually pregnant and fail a GTT. For now continue eating better and exercising, but don't borrow trouble.

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  • This is my 2nd pregnancy and the 2nd time for GD. I took an early 1 hr test this time, at 16 weeks, and failed but I passed the 3 hr at that time. I had to take another 3 hr test at 28 weeks and failed 2 of the draws, but not by much. They said I was "borderline". So im still considered to have GD.

    Its much less scary and complicated the 2nd time around! Its super easy for me to handle this time.
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  • I had GD with my first and have it yet again this time.
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