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Laughing out loud??

When did your baby start laughing? My 15 week old smiles, babbles, and gurgles but I haven't heard a real laugh yet and I was wondering when I might hear it.

Re: Laughing out loud??

  • I am with you!! My LO will be 15 weeks on Friday, and no laughs yet. It makes me so sad! He has lots of happy noises and squeals and smiles more than any baby I have ever known, but we are still waiting on that laugh. I keep thinking it will happen any day now and just hasn't. It seems like he is a little late on this milestone, since lots of ladies on this board and the March board have posted about their LO's laughs. The ironic thing is that his name means "he will laugh"... and nope not yet.
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  • I guess you're just not funny enough, mama! Wink No, but seriously, it'll come. Milestone ages are just guidelines. DD2 has laughed out loud a couple of times, but she isn't anywhere even close to rolling over yet, so that's a milestone she's definitely not going to hit "on time."

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  • mine started a small giggle at 8 weeks but he is now 16 weeks and is full on belly laughing. But like every one says don't worry yourself, because mine may be laughing but he isnt rolling yet and show no interest lol They are all developing at their own pace.
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  • Thanks for sharing. That's cute about his name. I'm sure we will see their laughs soon. :
  • Lol so cute! You know I think I heard my baby laugh once but I think it was while he was sleeping. Then he opened his eyes and had a dazed look on his face. I was so confused too! Lol
  • Around 10 weeks or so would get a gigle onces a blue moon, 2 nigths ago while sitting on the changing table he just laughed up a storm. 
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  • She started a few weeks ago. Before that we only heard it her sleep. She just laughed tonight before bedtime and it was awesome.
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  • Her first real laugh was around 14 weeks. I sneezed and she thought it was hysterical! 
  • We got a first giggle this week!!  It's not full on belly laughing, but it's consistent giggling at things he thinks are funny. 


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  • He sorta did a goofy chuckle starting around 8-10 weeks (I didn't count it as a real laugh, so I don't remember exactly). He now giggles pretty consistently starting right around 12 weeks. He's still figuring out how it works, so no huge belly laughs yet. 
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  • DD started last week but its far and few between.
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  • We got our first lady week at 13 weeks and my sister got a few in a row on Sunday. They've been very sporadic, though.

  • Both babies are now doing full belly laughs. Luke gets the hiccups every single time he laughs though lol it's cute but then he gets annoyed because he hates the hiccups!
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