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help solve this sleep schedule problem

mobile: help solve this sleep schedule problem

so I've been trying to get DD on a better nap schedule the past week. she was constantly taking 3040 min naps. like 5 per day. it wasn't working out well.

so I bit the bullet. committed myself to being at home for nap times and keeping her awake at all other times including not letting her fall asleep in the car if we ran out between naps.

it was going great. here's what her schedule looked like:
between 7 and 8am. wake up
8am bf
10:15am bf
10:30am to noon nap
12:15pm bf
2:30pm bf
2:45pm to 4:30pm nap
5pm bf
6pm dinner ::solids::
7:30pm bottle and bedtime

here's the problem: today and yesterday she has gone down for her afternoon nap and woke up at 3:30 screaming. I can't get her to go back to sleep and I can tell she's still tired. I'm holding her right now in her room while she finishes her nap because I'm desperate for her to make it until bedtime.

any advice or suggestions about what to do? it's hard to adjust the nap times too much because I don't want to lay her down with a hungry belly :/
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Re: help solve this sleep schedule problem

  • Have you tried or considered any sleep training methods?

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  • yes. I've tried kind of a modified Ferber method and it has worked but at this nap the past two days it doesn't. I continue going in and checking until the end of the nap :/ then I just get her up.
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  • Our schedule is this:

    7:00 a.m. wake up/ diaper change, medicine (for reflux)

    7:30 ish cereal (Made with 2 oz breastmilk)

    8:00 ish breastfeed

    10:00 nap (sometimes 30 mins, sometimes an hour) 

    12:00 solids (Purees)

    12:45 ish Breastfeed

    2:00 nap (again 30 minutes to an hour but lately an hour) 

    3:00 breastfeed

    4:00 snacks (puffs and mums crackers)

    6:00 cereal (made with 2oz breastmilk)

    7:00 nurse

    Then Bath, Pjs, Story and Bed


    It looks like your LO is snacking a lot instead of having a bigger nursing session so maybe try stretching feeds to every three hours so they're getting more milk and adding in some more solids? 




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  • Maybe it's too soon for 2 naps.  Maybe she still needs 3?

    We wake at 6:30, nap at 8:30 for about an hour-ish, nap at 12 for 2 hours, nap at 4 for 45 min, then bed at 7 to 7:30.

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  • LO occasionally has short naps. He's still tired usually and is only up maybe 1.5 hours before needing another one. It happens for a few days, and then he corrects it. We just fit in an extra nap on short nap days.
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  • How is her night sleep?

    1)  I think she's eating too often.  Can you push her to eat every 3.5-4 hours instead?  I don't feed my LO before sleeping, with exception to his bedtime feed.  He wakes up, eats, plays, then sleeps.  When I started doing that, he started taking much better naps.

    2)  I think she needs to go down for her afternoon nap earlier and take a short catnap around 4pm.   

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  • For the people saying she's eating too often....some breastfed babies eat every 2 hours and most only will go every 3 hours- especially if they are sleeping longer stretches at night. Breast milk is digested much faster than formula. If she is hungry every two hours, then feed her. That shouldn't have anything to do with the naps...unless you are feeding her to put her to sleep. 


    As far as the nap schedule, I'm not much help as my LO will only take about a 45 min nap at DC. I think it's because she is still figuring out how to put herself to sleep for naps (she's just mastered this for night time in the last 2 weeks). Your LO may be entering a lighter sleep cycle at the 30-45 min mark and not able to put herself back to sleep. Stick with the sleep training you're doing...I'm sure that'll help make them more consistent it just may take some time with some hiccups along the way. She's smart enough at this age to know that if she can get you to hold her then there is no reason to stay asleep on her own. I struggled with this for night time and me holding her to sleep just made the problem increasingly worse. It wasn't until I was firm about not picking her up that she started sleep for 12 hours at night and dropped her night time feed. Good luck!


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