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CDs and umbilical cord stump

My little one is 4 days old. He has been blowing out all of his disposables so I was going to start out cloth diapers now instead of waiting for his umbilical cord stump to fall off.

However, we use the fuzzibunz one size elite and there is not a cut out for the stump. I'm worries the CDs will rub on it. I have them snapped tightly below it but I don't have much confidence. Can anyone offer any advice?



Re: CDs and umbilical cord stump

  • We used prefolds and covers which came below the cord. We also used little joeys which have a snap down for the cord.

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  • I used prefolds or kissas fleece fitteds and RaRz nb covers, lil joeys and grovia nb. But the cord fell off at 9 days and fuzzibunz elite OS fit at that point. So I don't think it's worth buying anything different. If you have a newborn cover you can put it over the sposie to prevent blowouts (I do that when travelling). Some people say the cover can go over the stump, but I think the dampness and friction would delay healing.
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  • DS has his stump for almost 3 weeks!  We just put the diaper on then sort of tucked them in at the waist to create a "cut-out." It worked and kept things pretty dry.  Prefolds and covers were easier but were were able to do this with newborn pockets as well.  Sometimes we would roll the whole waistband in front and back to create a lower rise and help it stayed down.  Rolling it in avoided leaks and wicking as rolling down to the outside would put the fleece against clothing.
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