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When did you install carseat?

DS1 is in the middle right now, and I am wondering when I should move him to the side and install carseat #2? I don't want to do it too early, because then no one else will be able to sit back there while we wait for the new baby. But, I want to get him used to sitting on the side, and I want to make sure the new carseat is installed when this baby decides to come.


Thanks for your advice! By the way I'm 34 weeks pregnant (if that helps at all). 

Re: When did you install carseat?

  • RizziBRizziB
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    I'm 37 weeks now and installed the infant carseat a couple weeks ago.  LO is RF in the middle and I decided to put the infant seat next to her, behind the passenger seat so we could still use a seat in the back for a passenger.  I wanted to do it sooner than later to make sure that the configuration worked and that I could get it checked by a carseat tech before the baby comes.  I also wanted to see how/if LO would react to another carseat being back there.  
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    I would do it now just to make sure it works but then I would uninstall until right before.  My husband did ours after I had DS since it takes all of 30 seconds to do and he was back and forth to our house from the hospital.  I didn't want to keep it in the car in case we were in an accident.  
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  • I actually had mine installed and inspected at 36 weeks and then I just left everything in until LO was born.

    I didn't want to have to worry about it and we were ready to go.
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  • I can't install a seat in the middle seat, so DS is already behind the passenger seat. I just installed the car seat base behind the driver's seat a couple of days ago.

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  • I agree with installing, having it checked by professionals, and then removing it. I would recommend re-installing it based on when LO was born, if they were early then put it in that much early, etc.
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  • Um, outside of the hospital when we were leaving!  DS1 has alwys been on a side of the car and we have a Chicco which is soooo easy to install.  DH just brought it with him when he came back to the hospital (he didn't stay overnight).

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    Your DS isn't going to need an adjustment period in a new spot in the car.  As long as he's in his chair he won't care.  Install it when you are ready.

     I'm due July 16th and will have DH move DD1 to the 3rd row in our mini van, DD2 to the place DD1 used to occupy and install DS's seat where DD2 is now the first week of July.


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  • I've always had them installed and inspected at CHP at 37 weeks, I have the BabyTrend Flex Loc and it's a breeze to install! I have my 4yr old behind the drivers side seat, my 1 year old rear facing in the middle and the newest will be on the passenger in the carry carseat. 
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