So last night DH started to freak out about finances with the duo coming. He asked me a few questions but I couldn't give him definite answers. 

The first thing he asked was if the twins could sleep in the same crib. I told him that I think they can share for a while but obviously not forever. Is this a common practice for twins to share? Is it healthy for them to share.

 The second question that he had was about another shower.  My first response "no this is baby 2&3 of course we don't" but then people started saying its ok to have a shower since its twins. What are your thoughts. I have mixed emotions about it.  


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Re: Questions

  • Our boys shared a crib for the first 4 months. So you could get away with sharing for a little while then get another. Or do 2 pack n plays.

    As for the shower it is up to you. Some say it is tacky to do a second shower but some are fine when multiples are on the way. Just go with how you think you would feel if you were invited to a second shower for twins.
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  • The girls did share a crib, but not terribly long, IIRC. I am pretty sure they were in their own cribs by about 4-5months.

    As for a shower, it all depends on what's normal in your family/friends. FOR ME- I wouldn't feel comfortable with it- if I had other kids. You'll need a double stroller, and two more car seats, cribs/ someplace for them to sleep but that's really it. I'm sure your family will want to celebrate the babies though. Multiples tend to be a big deal, no matter where they land in the birth order. If it comes up that someone wants to throw a shower for you, maybe suggest a diaper party- where friends bring a pack of diapers in a variety of sizes? 

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  • Adding- you have a long way to go before you worry about these things! We had my shower when I was 28w-- which I felt was too early, but my pregnancy had not been going well and my family wanted to host something sooner than later on the off chance that the babies came too soon. They didn't of course- I carried to 37w1d!
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  • You can get dividers for cots so the have an end depends on how big the cot is and how quick they grow as to how long they sleep. My 2 slept side by side for 6 weeks then till fourth months toe to toe!! They learn to sleep thru each others cries being in close proximity!!
  • We are on babies 3 4 with this pregnancy. It was completely unplanned and I was on birth control. We had said that we were done having kids but obviously someone had other plans for us. That being said, we dont have any baby essentials. We bought a pack and play and plan on getting another one. Our boys will sleep in that together in the beginning. Then, when they are ready, will transition to a crib. Then we plan on seperating them when they are ready. From my understanding, its okay and possibly might be better for them to share at first since thats how they are/were in your womb.

    As for a second shower, many people have mixed feelings about it. My MIL plans on throwing us a "sprinkle". While we will be getting big things ourselves and also getting hand me downs from friends who arent using things anymore, my MILs thoughts are the same as those who have offered to throw one for you. We arent going to make a registry well, not until after to see what we still need, then we will make one for the completion coupon...and it is going to be just family that is invited. Not even close friends of the family. Its going to be very small and informal but it will be twin themed so for "favors" they plan on giving out Twix, Reese's and Double Mint gum from what I have been told. Lol
  • As soon as the kids start rolling around, you will need 2 cribs.

    Also, if someone wants to throw you a shower, great. If they don't want to come, they don't have to.

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  • My pediatrician actually recommended DS and DD to share a crib until they started rolling around, at which point she stated they would need their own cribs. I tried to have them share a crib, but it did not happen for us.

    I agree with PP. If someone offers or wants to throw a shower, thats awesome. If someone is invited, they have the option to come or not. If I was the one invited to a second shower, I personally would go-- but that's me, and I see nothing wrong with it- again there are mixed feelings on this topic.

    Good luck to you with everthing.

  • As others posters have mentioned, it was the same for us as far as sharing a crib from the get-go, once they started to wiggle they slept in their own crib.

    As far as baby shower goes, I also agree as others have posted that it depends on where you're from and how you feel about it. With that said, I did have the boys first so I was lucky in that aspect, I did not have a shower for DD and will not for this pregnancy either (another DD) as I have everything I need and I wouldn't be comfortable with it.

    To be honest, whether you have a shower or not, I find that there are always people that want to buy a little something, we got a lot of gifts for DD from Church members and family, although it was never expected it was a nice gesture.  The fact that you're having mutliples I think people would be EVEN more willing to want to gift something, but that's just my opinion :)

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  • Mine did for only a short while.  I thought they slept better in their own beds so we had separate cribs very early.  If your concern is cost of purchasing two cribs, you can find some really great deals out there if you look.  I was able to find two brand new Graco Laurens for $90/ea.  I don't see anything wrong with having a shower for the twins if people want to throw you one.  You may not get big ticket items but people usually love getting you baby clothes, small necessities that may need to replace from your first babies, and diapers.  Lots of diapers!
  • We have two cribs but one in the nursrry and one in our room right now. We plan to bed share until its a problem. Remember crics come in different price ranges. You dont need two 800 or 400 cribs. I spent less then 300 on our set and about the same for two dressers. There is furniture out there in your price range. Your price range just might be altered from what it would have been with one. I imagine I would have bought the 400 crib had I just had one. But I am very happy with the cribs we chose and would recomend them for a singlton just as well.
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  • Two cribs are a necessity.  Even if they do share a little in the beginning, they will need them eventually.  And you may find your babies don't like sleeping together....mine didn't. 

    Everyone has different opinions on this, I fall on the side of baby showers are for 1st time mothers/parents only, no exceptions.  I still give gifts to those who have more children, but the concept of a shower is to welcome new parents into parenthood and that only happens once.  But everyone's circle of friends/family have different opinions on this and your circle may find it acceptable.  If it were me having twins after already having a child, I would graciously decline the offer.

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