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stupid neighbor vent

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I already have issues with this neighbor, as he is feuding with his neighbor on the other side.  I work for the local township in the department that enforces zoning ordinances - so he comes to my work all the time to try to get some advice for any way he can bust his neighbor for things.   I usually tell the girls in the front of the building to call me to give a heads up so I can go hide and someone else can deal with him because it's awkward.  The issues he comes in for, there's nothing that the township can enforce because they have all these stupid little civil issues!  Like the tree, his dog not being licensed, shoveling snow or blowing leaves on one anothers front yard, the fence, etc. They literally call the cops on each other for this sh!t.

So yesterday I was doing the usual mid morning breastfeed on my couch... in the comfort of my own home... in private (or so I thought). It's time to burp the little guy and I don't always put the boob back in my tank top right away while I'm burping him. The next thing I know, my next door neighbor is standing on my front porch with his hands cupped to his face, looking right in my front window!!! 

So I'm PISSED.  I get up, my dog is freaking out because of this creeper putting his face right up to the window and he's already got the door open.  My dog flies out of the house and I'm SUPER annoyed.  So I decided I'm done being nice and cordial with this guy - I have to be a *** to him so that he gets the hint.  I tell him that you don't go and LOOK INTO SOMEONE'S WINDOW, and we do have a back door, etc.  So any normal person would be like, ok this girl is super mad I'm just going to apologize and leave.  No!  This idiot proceeds to pretend we're at the township office and ask me all kinds of stuff about their retaining wall and their shed, and I had to stop him and say, HELLO, I'M ON MATERNITY LEAVE AND I'M BREASTFEEDING MY BABY.  I'M NOT AT WORK AND I DON'T HAVE ADVICE FOR YOU, NOR WILL I EVER!  And he KEEPS asking me!  Then after 5 minutes of standing at my door with a crazy lady yelling at him, he decides he better try to help me get my dog back in, and I say, no, she's fine.  I'll get her.  Just leave her.  He doesn't listen, then decides she wants to play frisbee. And continues to stand on my lawn while I'm glaring at him from my front door.

What is wrong with people!?  This guy is my age with a wife who seems pretty normal and nice and he has two small children.  It seems like he would know better!!! 

ok i'm done ranting now.  Thanks for listening. 

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