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Disadvantage to stop using infant carrier?

I think I'm about ready to move LO out of the carrier and put him in a regular rear facing seat...I am not sure why I am so hesitant.  Like I am afraid that when I go somewhere it will be harder since I can't just leave him in the carrier and put it in the back of the buggy anymore or when we go to a restaurant we cant just leave him in the carrier if he is sleeping etc and put him in the booth with us.  Or when I'm loading the car in the morning for work I usually have a handful of stuff between the diaper bag, DD's stuff, my work stuff...and when he is in the carrier I can set it down outside the car while I load stuff in.

That dang thing is just so heavy to lug around for a poor barely 5 foot girl like myself!!! 

 And I don't wear LO...I've tried all diff wraps, carriers, etc and they just don't feel right to me and I just can't do it.

Re: Disadvantage to stop using infant carrier?

  • I personally wouldn't make the switch until lo can sot up. It makes things easier.
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    I personally wouldn't make the switch until lo can sot up. It makes things easier.

    This.  If you don't babywear, I would hold off until LO can sit up in the shopping cart and a restaurant high chair. 

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  • With my oldest she hated the infant carrier so we moved her into a convertible car seat at 3 months. I didnt notice it inconvenient at all. I bought a lightweight regular stroller, combi brand i think... (not one of those massive,heavy ones) . It was easy to fold up, take out, etc.

    For grocery shopping, and yes, I know this is probably not the "recommended" thing... But it worked for me and I never left her side regardless. I used one of those padded cushions for grocery carts, then blocked the leg holes with a blanket and layed her down in the "seat" area while I shopped.OR you can just keep your infant seat in the back of the car and bring it out when you need it as a "seat" .At restaurants, she stayed in her big girl stroller next to the table.

    When I got somewhere I would just take her in/out of the carseat and put her in her new lightweight big girl stroller. You can still load up the car after shopping with her in that. My DD1 loved the switch. Im actually about to do it again for DD3 because she is not a fan of the infant seat either. My son stayed in his until 9 months. Crazy how kids are different lol

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  • I have also been debating switching her as well.  But I don't know what I would do with her if we were going out to dinner, or I needed to run into a store.  I dont see myself pushing the cart and her stroller lol. 

     I think I have just convinced myself to wait until she can sit up in a cart and high chair. 

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  • We switched a couple of months ago.  I wear him in a wrap/sling instead, but it is more time consuming and not always as convenient.  He can easily sit in the top of the cart now though, which makes shopping easier.



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  • With my older two I had switched them out into convertibles by the time they were my son's current age because they hated the carrier and screamed nonstop in it. Now we mostly leave it in the car and get him out, but will keep him in it for the rare instances where he falls asleep in it so we have the option to get him into the house or stroller without waking him up. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. You can treat it as a convertible and leave it in the car except for the rare instances where having it come out would be helpful.
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