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side pain restarts during second/third pregnancy

when i was farther along with my daughter she kicked my rib silly, i figured she only bruised it because the pain wasnt so bad to make me think she broke it; which i know babies can do. but when i was pregnant last fall, i miscarried, and now again with my second daughter my side sometimes hurts so bad that ive gone to the er a few times, the er just says gas but without doing an xray could they be overlooking some type of damage left by my daughter? like maybe a piece of rib; very small, which because everything is being squished is hurting something in there? i mean i had an xray of my back before i got pregnant but without knowing about my pain could they have overlooked a small sliver of bone that can be now digging into my intestines or side?

Re: side pain restarts during second/third pregnancy

  • Wow I had to actually google whether a baby can break a rib during pregnancy because I have never heard of that happening. But I guess it's possible (as are bruised ribs, cracked, separated). All of the people who wrote about that happening said that the ER doctor or their OBGYN diagnosed them. And also that there is nothing to do other than possibly a compression wrap. So I would bring it up at your next OBGYN appoint and really highlight the areas of the pain and hopefully you'll get some answers (sounds like gallstones are another possibility in that area). Good luck.
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