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Hey Ya'll,

So I just turned 6 weeks today and noticed that there has been a small blotchy rash on one of my breasts the past few days. Today I just noticed their all over my breasts now! Including a few on my upper abdomen. I read online that this is common, but most women state it didn't happen until the 3rd trimester. Anyone else have something similar happen this earlier on? I'm hoping its nothing to worry about. But hope I don't have it the whole time, not very pretty! Thanks for any help!

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  • I would call your PMD, maybe not the OB or RE but your regular primary for something like that. I haven't heard of it, but it could really be anything!
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  • Ugh, I am SO sorry. You're probably talking about PUPPS and it sucks. Mine started to develop around 8 weeks, maybe a bit earlier. DH actually noticed it before I did. You are right that it typically happens in the 3rd tri but some of us are just oh so lucky to get it early. If that is what you have, then there's nothing to be done about it. I've tried soaps, creams, oils, lotions, etc - nothing gets rid of it completely. 

    I'd go ahead and have your OB run a blood panel on you just to rule out an allergic reaction to something just to be safe.  


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  • I had PUPPPS that developed 3rd tri.. and ill be honest - i was borderline depressed with it for the 2 weeks i had it... losing weight not sleeping.. literally scratching my self silly. They ended up inducing because for the 3rd time in a week it spread like wild fire and i was in the office crying scratching and bleeding as i waited to be seen. Also the baby was transverse so they were able to use both as the reasoning. 

    3 cool showers a day using Grampa Pine Tar Soap (GNC has it). Smells VERY wierd.. but was the only thing that gave me any relief! I even told my OB and nurses so that if anyone else had it they had that secret.


    I am SO SO Sorry for you! I cant even imagine having it the entire pregnancy.

    Heres hoping it is NOT PUPPPS! 

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