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Tonight during bath time DH accidentally poured water basically right into DS's nose and mouth! Poor little DS turned bright red and started to cry. I yelled at DH and picked up DS right away. He immediately coughed and sputtered a little, so we knew he was alright. DH felt horrible and I just gave him a look like 'really!?'. 

 Sometimes I don't know if he zones out or just isn't thinking. Either way, it makes me hesitant to leave them alone together...and I'm totally not that kind of mom!

Anyone else's SO made some bone head moves like this one?


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Re: OMG, DH!!

  • Not yet, but I had my own bone head move during bath time tonight. DS is now long enough to kick the bottom of his tub enough to make his head hit the top. This happened twice in quick succession before I figured out how to keep him from bonking his head. It was like watching a horror film. Poor guy. Luckily the crying only lasted during the bonking. 

    I am a bad mom because I kind of found this funny.  

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  • I may have done that more than once.  
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    You're not a bad mom, that kind of made me laugh!

    I'm not saying I don't do this kind of thing sometimes...but I guess it was just the way DH responded like, 'uhhhh...what just happened?' in slow motion. Haha 

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  • If we're talking about bonking... I'm clumsy and apparently lack keen depth perception at times. Poor LO has been bonked on the edge of the changing table and grazed by a few door frames in his short life already. Mommy fail. 
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  • My fiance was buckling DD into her carseat, and his hand slipped and bonked her right in the nose. She looked extremely surprised for a few seconds then started crying. He was like Omg! and unbuckled her to take her out and calm her down. She calmed down quick though...I think she was more shocked than anything.
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  • I can't think of any too ds, but I've had a couple on me! I've wacked myself in the face several times, stuffing my boob back into my bra while nursing on the other side... Gave myself a bloody nose once!

    Oh and I've dropped my phone on ds head twice while writing on the bump on my mobile!
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  • DD loves to lie on the bed with me or DH over her, close to her face talking to her. Once DH gritted his teeth at her while making silly faces and she FREAKED. We both felt really bad for her. Well, a few weeks later I was talking to her like that but I kept yawning. One big yawn I sort of chopped down gritting my teeth at the end. When DD saw me do that her arms flung out big, she gasped and then started crying. I picked her up and rocked her but she cried for a minute. I felt awful. DH was talking her down and teasing her about having "monster parents".
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  • Ebee27Ebee27
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    DH straight dunked my son's face in the water the other night -_- he was in there with him and flipped him over to wash his back, so DS was leaning over and slouching, as babies this age tend to do and flop, right into the water. Of course DH couldn't really see his face because he was behind the baby. Good thing I was being a mother hen and freaked out on him! Needless to say, I do bath time now :p 

     But really, DH is great and I've had my share of not-mommy-of-the-year moments. When DS was a few weeks old, I caught a chunk of skin in his footed jammy zipper, hard.  Took quite a while to calm that one down :p I've also dropped my phone on him a few times while trying to snap pictures :p WHOOPS!

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  • It makes you feel so craptastic when things like that happen. Once I was trying to get into the house and DS was in his carseat. I was trying to wrangle my house keys from my purse and they slipped and fell on him. I have a fairly hefty set of keys. He cried for just a bit, but I felt terrible. I could have taken my keys out so they were ready at the door, but I still sort of partially blame DH because he saw us coming in and heard us at the door and didn't get up to unlock it.
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    Just wait until you accidentally pinch the skin on their fat little legs while buckling them in the carseat. That'll make you feel like an AWESOME mom, not. It's a good thing they don't have memories yet.

    I DID THIS!!! Apparently, when responding to this post, I'd blocked it from my mind. Except, it happened with the buckle on his bouncy seat (which I almost never use). It left a blood blister. I cried more about it than he did.  

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