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Work Vent- Please Tell Me I'm Not Alone!

DH and I both took off work last week to finish up some house projects and get ready for baby.  (I'm due June 26th).  By Sunday, I felt pretty good and feel that in terms of my "home life," I'm ready for baby.

Work, however, is a different story.  Ever since yesterday, it's like everyone realized I have 3 weeks left and I've been BOMBARDED with work.  I literally have 4 projects to finish, my boss wants me to start another one, write a report, participate in teleconferences, review resumes for an open position, and get some mandatory training done.  And try and squeeze 4 more doctor's appointments in between.

On the outside, I've just been smiling and say that I will do my best, but on the inside I want to scream.  Seriously, people!  I gave you plenty of warning about this!  All this extra work and added pressure is really stressing me out and I just want to go hide.  Crying

Anyone else super frustrated with work right now?


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Re: Work Vent- Please Tell Me I'm Not Alone!

  • I feel your pain. My work was so bad it was causing to much stress and dr wrote me out. Good luck!
  • I work in child protection and it seems that all of my cases have exploded just as I am trying to transfer to a new worker. I am trying to get court work done and case conferences and home visits all done in the next two weeks and the admin assistances remind me every morning that I must keep my paperwork up to date in case I don't come in one day.... ya I will get right on that Crying







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  • I feel you.  I am about to leave the office for my 39wk appt and I am packing work stuff so that I can jam some more work in at the dr's office.  And if the way things are going is any indication, I am positive I will be bombarded with emails and calls from work during my maternity leave also.  

    I just keep telling myself that I am lucky to have a job, a 3 months of paid maternity leave and a job to come back to after.  


  • I guess I'm lucky in this regard.  The boss has transitoned all of my work and projects to other people.  I'm still working until Friday but literally have NOTHING to do.  Soooo.....I'm bumping a lot.  I'm working from home for the rest of the week, so it's giving me an excuse to do house stuff simultaneously I guess....
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  • I had this before I left last week. All of a sudden I was the go to person they kept dumping work on.
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  • I was definitely feeling the pressure and anxiety in my last few weeks of work.  Plus my doctor advised me to stop working one week earlier than I had planned so that really threw my boss into a panic. I was doing a lot of additional work on top of my normal workload. I ended up staying late some days, having to bring some of it home, and just really starting to become resentful and feeling used. Thankfully, I finished and the stress lifted. My boss has apparently tried emailing me to help him with some database stuff, but kind of on a lucky note my out of office password expired and it's going to take awhile for IT to set everything back up. Therefore, they'll have to sink or swim on their own for a few weeks and by then it will no longer matter!  
  • Oh maybe if my blood pressure is high at my appointment tomorrow, I can get my doctor to write me a note!  Stick out tongue
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  • I feel your pain!! Work has known for 9 months I'm leaving. This Friday is my last day and they barely told me yesterday who will be doing my job while I'm gone. I have a ton to do and don't have time to train.. Ugh
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