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Where is your day care?

We're starting to get serious with our daycare search, and despite working in a large city, we're not finding any that are *exactly* on our way to work (we work in the same building).  So I thought I'd see what others do.  Is your daycare by home, work or on the way?  And how far "out of the way" do you drive to get there?  

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Re: Where is your day care?

  • Ours is by our house.   DH and I work in opposite directions, so we chose something centrally located to the house.  It's been especially helpful on days when we take DD to daycare, but one of us doesn't have to work (i.e. if we are off for appointments, etc.)
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  • Ours is right between my work and home. I do 99% of pick-ups. 

    He's on a waiting list for one that is past work, though. It will probably double my commute to work and it will not be terribly convenient to DH, but it will be better for DS when the time comes.

  • Ours is a couple miles from our house.  It's on my way to work but is slightly out of the way for DH. I love having it near home and would never want it near work.
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  • aeh72aeh72
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    Our daycare is about 10 minutes from our house, but I work from home so that made it pretty easy for us to decide where we wanted DS' DC to be.  If was working in my old office, I would have tried to find something on a route to my office, with the goal of finding something closer to the house than to the office. Although it would take me longer to get to DS in an emergency, I'd rather him have as little time in the car during rush hour as possible.  
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  • It's by our house for both kids (they go to separate places since DS1's is a school for 2+). Both are pretty close to the city train station so we walk with them to DCP/school and then hop on the train to go to work.
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  • Ours is less than a mile from the house. I like having them close in case one of us is sick and wants to stay home. or one of the kids gets sick and needs picked up we can both easily get them, and we don't have a commute with a sick kid
  • Ours is about 5 minutes from our house and between our house and DH's work.  It's easier for him to pick the kids up if they are sick so it made sense to find a daycare where he could get to them quickly. 
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  • DH and I work for the same company but on slightly different schedules, so we don't share our commute. The center we originally looked at was closer to work, past it actually, and would have probably doubled my 20-25 minute commute. (We have plans to move eventually and it would have been on the way to work from that location.) But they decided to close the center about 3 weeks before we would have started there. That left us scrambling a bit, but we found one we love that's only 5 minutes from the house. It's not on the way I would normally drive to work, but it's on a route I can use, if that makes sense. (If I didn't have to stop for drop-off, it would be about 5 minutes longer.)

    There are obviously pros and cons to either location. We don't take a lot of days off where we still send the girls to DC, but if we needed to, having it close to the house is convenient. It takes us longer to get to them when they're sick and we have to pick up, but it's a shorter trip in the car or to the pedi once we have them.

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  • It's a 20 minute drive from home, but I can park my car there and walk to the metro and take that to work, so in total, it adds about 25-30 minutes to my morning commute. Not too bad, IMO. 

    We're in the suburbs and use a licensed in-home in the neighboring suburb city.  

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  • I work from home and the dc is less than 10 minutes away. Its about a mile or two out of the way for DH if I need home to drop off or pick up. Even when I wasn't working from home I'd prefer dc be near home rather than work. 

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  • About 3 miles from our home. It is the opposite way from work, but it's only 3 miles so no big deal. 
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    Ours is less than 5 minutes from our house.  It's slightly out of the way for DH in the morning, but DH doesn't drive far for work anyway.  For me, I can drive right past it on my way home.


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  • DH and I work in different directions from home, and DH's commute is longer.  We're about to move DD to her third provider.  All have been within 10 minutes of home and in varying degrees of on or out of the way for both of us.  With her first DCP, I had to drive several miles west to drop her off before continuing to work east of home (but the drive time from the DCP to work wasn't much longer than going directly from home to work a different way).  But the location was a block out of the way for DH's commute home, so it worked out on the whole.

    For me, adding 10 of 15 minutes to my commute isn't so bad.  Much more than that would start to be difficult, especially on days when traffic is all of a sudden way worse than usual.

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  • Our daycare is about 3 blocks from our house. DH and I work at the same office 20 minutes from our house but we wanted DC near our house in case we change jobs or offices. It has really come in handy when DH was out of town once and I was home sick I was able to just roll out of bed and get DS to daycare. I also like not having to drive far with DS in the car when there is bad weather ice and snow.
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  • KL777KL777
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    DS's school is near our house and in route to my job and DH's job. It's also close to our jobs.

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  • DS has been in two daycares (as our first choice wasn't available when I went back to work in January).  His first daycare was out of the way... DH and I had to go one way to drop off/pick up, and then round back past home to go to work.  It was a bit annoying.  Now, he's at our first choice daycare which is on the way to DH's work in the morning and it's a little out of the way for me to do pick up in the afternoon, but I don't really mind.
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  • Well, our situation is unique to a smallish town. DH and I work within 10 blocks from our house but daycare is on the other side of town. It only takes 5 minutes to drive from our house to daycare but it certainly is not on the way to work for us.
  • DH and I also live in a smaller town, and our daycare provider is a block away from our house! It's so nice honestly, especially in the mornings so don't have to feel rushed. We also use an in-home daycare if that helps :)


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  • It's by DH's work, and it takes me about 15-20 minutes to get there after work to pick up DS, but then I get carpool lanes on the way home so my commute from there home is actually less than if I went directly home from my office.  It's like a big triangle kind of.  I'm very happy with our choice.  It's not too far out of the way and is a great place and in an emergency, DH is less than 5 minutes away. 
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  • skyejoskyejo
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    Right across the street from our sub. I love having it close to home to minimize the drive time for the girls.  Before I went back to work with DD1 I thought a center close to work would be ideal.  Maybe it would have been nice so that I could run over to nurse her during the day but the screaming in the car seat for the 30 minute drive home...not fun for anyone. 

    It was especially awesome when I was on mat leave wtih DD2.  I kept DD1 at school a couple days a week.  I was able to walk to the center versus driving 1/2 hour to a center by my office.

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    Ours is very close to home. It has worked out really well for us there.
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    Our daycare is about 8 mins from our house. It is on my way to work, but going that way makes me take a highway with stop lights vs taking the freeway to work. We bought our house closer to the freeway for easy access, but after touring the DC by our house, I chose the DC that is a bit further and linger drive with the stop lights.
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  • LoCarbLoCarb
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    Mine is between home and work. I would suggest looking for DC's near your home.  If you are ever sick or want to play hooky you will not have to travel far to drop LO off.
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  • My daycare is *kind of* on the way to work.  It requires me exiting a hwy and going into town, and an alternate route not on the hwy would be much quicker/easier, but it was the only daycare even sort of on the way to work.  It's about half-way between work and home.



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  • Ours is near DH's work which is about 10 minutes away from our house.  My parents also watch LO two days a week at their home.  They live 5 minutes from my work.

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  • Ours is across the street, it's a home daycare though. Our first daycare was across the city (it was my aunt's home daycare) and we made the drive because we loved having DD there so much, but it wasn't practical for us, so we had to change. I'd say the closer the better, it makes things a lot easier.
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