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We have an alarm system in our house but haven't used the living room motion sensor since we've been home with the baby since one of us always has to get up and get a bottle in the motn. Well, to my surprise at 3am, the alarm is going off as I open the fridge! Thanks dh for that surprise, if the whole house wasn't awake, they were after that!!

Has anyone else failed at adjusting to a new routine after the baby?

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Re: Failure

  • Oh wow, that sucks! I would have made my DH feed the baby if that happened in our house.

    Twice I've been out with LO and forgotten something really important for LO. The first time I did not bring enough formula, and the second time I forgot the diaper bag so I could not change her. Major FTM fail there. I have since learned my lesson and always bring literally everything along, ha! 

  • I forgot bottles once, ran out of formula once, forgot wipes once lol
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