32 weeks w/Breech Baby

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do any of you ladies have or had a breech baby that is making or made you doubt having a VBAC ?  Our baby girl is still breech at 32weeks and I'm praying that she turns however she's a biggin 5.9 at the moment and I'm a little nervous that she's to cramped to turn.

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Re: 32 weeks w/Breech Baby

  • Try spinning babies there are tons of ideas to turn a breech baby on this site. Just stay positive mama you still have time.

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  • I agree, you still have time.  Try Spinning Babies or find a Webster certified chiropractor!
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    My LO was breech but flipped at 36.5 weeks after my second chiropractor appt for the Webster technique and I was able to vbac. Having a breech baby didn't make me doubt my decision to go for the vbac though. In fact, it made my desire for a vbac stronger. Good luck with your decision!
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  • I planned on a med free natural birth and found out at 32 weeks DS was breech. I did the Webster method with the chiro, watched tv upside down inverted on a board and tried moxibustion. I also tried external cephalic version. He did not flip. He was 22" long and I'm only 5'5" He just didn't have room. I am very happy that I waited to have him the chance though. Hopefully next time I can VBAC but even if the next one is also breech I will do everything exactly the same.

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  • As its been said, Webster certified chiro and spinning babies. You are still quiet early though so I wouldn't doom yourself but start being proactive.
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