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Thankful Tuesday

You know what to do ladies... What are you thankful for on this fine day?
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My baby is ONE!!




Re: Thankful Tuesday

  • I'm thankful for my wonderful DD, who just turned 1 yesterday.  She has been an absolute treasure, spoiling us from the beginning with how good a child she is (STTN at 6.5 weeks, rarely fusses, fabulous overall personality, easily adapts, etc).  

    I never knew how wonderful parenthood could be, and I'm so thankful to have started off with such a wonderful child! 

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  • Today I'm thankful for a smooth pregnancy so far. I have my GD test this afternoon and no matter the outcome, I'm just reminding myself to be thankful for this LO growing inside me!! Only 11 more weeks, wow.
  • I am thankful for sweet baby hiccups! I may be in the minority but I think I'll be a little sad to no longer be pregnant so every morning when I feel those little hiccups I get a little smile! It's also another small reminder that all's well.

    I'm also thankful for our sweet kitty who we keep finding laid in front of the crib and in the rocker in the nursery. As much as we worried about how she'd react after the baby gets here i think shes trying to tell us that she'll be fine.

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  • Today I am thankful for my wonderful OB. Went in for my appointment yesterday and I am still measuring big. She is sending me for an extra ultrasound to check on how big LO is right now. However when I asked her how much bigger I am measuring she just smiled and said lets not worry about that yet. I am a little nervous that my son is going to be huge and may ruin my chances of a vaginal delivery, but if she isn't too concerned it helps me relax a little. Plus I get an extra ultrasound out of it. Yay!

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  • I am thankful for my H. He took me on a baby shopping spree over the weekend. I spent, a lot, on baby items, clothing and gear. Fun!! Smile  Still have a few big items to get, such as the crib and dresser, but we are getting there!




  • I'm thankful that my shower curtain rod didn't hurt me today when it fell. 

    I'm also thankful that I have a husband who has really stepped up during this pregnancy (though I admit: he spoiled me before too)
    He has cleaned up my puke, has taken to cleaning ALL the cat's pukes (to avoid having to clean my puke lol), he cooks, he cleans, he keeps my car running... I'm so lucky 

    Eat your food people. You are pregnant, not made of glass. ~PrimRoseMama
    The Benes Boys were born 9/3/13! woooo
  • I'm thankful that MH has been very supportive of me. For the last few days I've just felt a little down but he's been really great at reassuring me and making me smile.

  • This week, I am incredibly grateful for my friends and family coming to our baby shower! Everyone was so positive and loving. It reminded me what a great support system this baby is being born into. Not to mention all the swag!


    We got great books for baby, snuggly blankets and toys, and lots of cute gender neutral clothes. A cousin of mine even got me a gift certificate for a prenatal massage. Oh, and there was Dairy Queen ice cream cake. I was really nervous about the shower and being up in front of everyone, but it was wonderful. 

    ETA: shower pic

  • On my way to OB appt this morning. I'm very thankful that even with a two vessel cord baby girl is growing just as she should.
    Looking forward to this mornings growth scan.
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  • I'm so thankful that the nursery is nearly done! Mh and I are currently sleeping in it to start work on our bedroom, but it's great knowing we have a place for LO.

  • I'm going to get super sappy for a minute. I am beyond thankful for my husband. It's our 2nd anniversary, and 2 yrs ago, I couldn't have imagined when we promised for better or for worse just how much of both we would see in such a short period of time. He can drive me crazy like no one else can, but I cannot imagine doing this with anyone else.

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  • I am thankful that I've had the energy to make good food and exercise choices lately. I am feeling happy and keeping my stress to a minimum.

    I am thankful for my family who are all super excited to meet baby Benjamin in August. 

    I am thankful for a great birthing class last night. 

    And, of course, I am thankful for my H who has been amazing throughout my entire pregnancy. He spent half the day yesterday running my errands for the wedding I'm in this weekend. 

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  • I am thankful for my ballsy attorney who sent a Time of Essence letter to the seller of our new home.  The seller JUST NOW (3 days after the agreed-upon closing date) has asked for two more weeks because there are still relatives of theirs living in the house.  I would normally be more understanding, but we agreed upon this closing date back in early April and that is ample time to make arrangements.  The closing date was not a surprise to anyone.

    I am also thankful that this Time of Essence letter assigns a firm closing date 9 days before the end of the month, so in case everything falls through, my husband and I have 9 days to find a place to live before we become homeless.

    I guess this at once a Thankful AND B!tchfest post.

  • I love reading what everyone is thankful for.

     I am thankful that I have the summer off to get my nesting projects done and to just be able to put my feet up when I want to. I am thankful for my mom because she is the sweetest, most giving lady I've ever met and I don't know what I would do without her.


  • I am thankful that our master bathroom is complete! DH and his friends are my looks so beautiful!
    I am thankful to have gotten 3D pics at my growth ultrasound. I fell completely in love with him. He has the same nose as his brother. He is going to be another big boy just like his brother.
    I am thankful for DS dental appointment so I can have a relaxing morning at home.
  • My huz has been super awesome lately.  He built my parents some shelves in their basement then cleaned it and their garage this weekend.  Then he came to our house and made some changes/repairs we've been talking about making for months.  Then he put together our stroller, completely un-prompted, played with it a bit and then stored it away again.  It was awesome to see him work away and then hear him say he was just trying to get everything ready for baby.  Made my heart melt.  

     I started doing LO laundry, and the OCD in me may have inventoried it, and I was surprised with how much we have been given and how long it will hopefully last us!  (meaning lots of different sizes!)

    Also, my parents bought us a crib this weekend, which was super awesome.   

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  • I'm thankful for my daughter. She has been the best part of my life, and I love her more with each passing day. She is the most amazing child. I am so happy I had her.

    I am thankful that our power is back on. A storm on Friday evening knocked out the power. It came back on around 11:30 pm yesterday. Despite this, I am thankful my power was out. My daughter won't sleep without a nightlight, so she has slept with me during the outage. It reminded me of our early co-sleeping days, except she's much bigger now lol. I enjoyed these last few nights cuddling with her and watching her sleep.

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  • I'm thankful for...

    ...passing my glucose test and my doctor's office calling to notify me.

    ...DH, who is constantly so supportive and doesn't complain when I ask him to do silly things for me like get heavy things down from up high, get things off low shelf, or bring me a glass of water when I'm already in bed. BTDT mom friends who've been forthcoming with helpful advice and generous with hand-me-downs.

    ...a relatively new friend couple, the lady of which stopped by to take me out for ice cream on a hot Saturday afternoon and the guy of which snaked our tub drain for free yesterday. Love these sweet, wonderful (and LOCAL!) folks.

    ...generous grandmothers for furnishing LO's nursery.

    I'm so blessed! Also thankful for this thread that reminds me of all the great things about being pg when I am feeling overwhelmed :) 

    Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.

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  • I posted about my amazing girlfriends last week but I just have to post about them again.  They threw me the most amazing shower!!!

    Every single detail was well thoughout (bowtie theme), the food was amazing, the cake was not only gorgeous but delicious, and the guests all had a great time.  I'm so thankful to have these amazing women in my life and so blessed to call them my best friends.

    AW time:


    The amazing cake!


    photo crunchy_zps41233998.gifimagephoto crunchy_zps41233998.gif
    My baby is ONE!!



  • I know I have talked about it a lot these past few days but I am super thankful for  the lady who paid our power bill and gave DH a job.

    I am also thankful I have a wonderful team at my OB office, they are all super nice and I never have to wait more than 10 minutes for my appointments. I showed up almost 15 minutes early yesterday and only waited about 5 before I was called back. And the ultrasound tech also surprised me by throwing in a couple of 3D shots even though it was only supposed to be a growth check.

    I am also thankful that I don't have to stress so much about getting the car seat in time. It is one of the last big ticket things we need along with the pack n play. My mom said she has both and they brand new that she bought for my niece, but never wound up using them. So while I still want to get our own, it's nice to know that it wont be absolutely necessary.

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  • image V&G101808:

    The amazing cake!


    Those shoes are too cute! Everything looks great!

  • I am thankful for my 2 wonderful showers this weekend. It was tiring to have 2 the same weekend, but I am absolutely blown away by the generosity of my family and friends.

    I am also thankful that DH and I were able to finish the guest room on Friday so that we would have a painted, clean, finished space to put all baby's things. And also that now we can finally start the nursery!
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  • Thankful for the VA office because without them I might have lost my mind at school today.

  • I have another one.

    I just found out my work is planning to throw me a 3rd baby shower! I am traveling out of state for a family shower with my family and DH's. the second is at my house for friends, my best girlfriends are hosting. Now this work one! I just started here in January so I did not expect this. I debated inviting people from my work to the shower at my house. I really like the people here but in the end did not invite them because I felt like it could put pressure on coworkers that I didn't know all that well. I'm thankful not so much for the gift aspect of this shower but that it makes me feel so welcomed and accepted here. Of course I'm grateful for the gifts, but it's the thought and good nature of the people at this company that I am highlighting in this post :]
  • image Jill9288:
    I'm going to get super sappy for a minute. I am beyond thankful for my husband. It's our 2nd anniversary, and 2 yrs ago, I couldn't have imagined when we promised for better or for worse just how much of both we would see in such a short period of time. He can drive me crazy like no one else can, but I cannot imagine doing this with anyone else.

    Happy Anniversary! 

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  • I am so thankful that my H is off for the summer. I realize my vent yesterday for Monday was that he's still in bed when I leave, but coming home to cooked dinner, done laundry, and dishes clean... it is a God send. And it lets me focus on the things that relieve my stress, like gardening and playing with my dogs. What a blessing for these last several weeks of pregnancy... say what you want about pregnancy in the summer, but for me I don't know how I'd make it work otherwise <3
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  • I am thankful that SO got offered the job we have been waiting on :) yay for a career position! He was classified as a student before so no benefits.

    I am thankful we found a place to live, even though its way smaller and we will have to get a storage unit, its nice to have it settled before our lease ends June 30th.

    I am super thankful that i didnt fall on the way to the bathroom this morning, Cuz of SPD my dumb right leg wouldnt work. I need to keep my alarm closer to the bed.

    Thankful for the little lady moving constantly and keeping me company all day! 

  • I am thankful that today I have been married for 8 years to the most wonderful man I know.  As I look forward to our next 8, and the 8 after that, and the 8 after that, I cannot imagine that I will possibly love him even more than I do today, but I know that I will. 

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  • My best friend and fellow bumpie had emergency surgery this morning to get her gall bladder out it was seriously messing up her liver and she came through it just fine.

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  • I'm thankful the crib is built and dresser is going to be finished this weekend and then nursery is done

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