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hey ladies! 

Can you believe our babies are 4-6 weeks old already?  Time has flown by.  Anyways, I thought it would be fun to catch up on how everyone's little ones are doing.  A little "check-in" of sorts! 

1. Birth stats

2. 1 month appt stats

3. Milestones hit

4. Baby specific quirks


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Katherine Marie born 11/12/10 via c-section 5lbs 1oz

Dx with MTHFR Mutation 12/10

8/23/12 - BFP EDD 5/3/13
Andrew Ryan is on his way


Re: Late April/Early May Mommas

  • 1. Birth stats   7 pounds 7 ounces, 20 1/2" long

    2. 1 month appt stats   10 pounds 6 ounces, 22 1/4" long

    3. Milestones hit   Smiling, rolling from side to back & side to front. Amazing me daily!

    4. Baby specific quirks   Loves tummy time, and takes his best nap of the day on his belly on his mat. He's a breastfeeding champ, a fantastic burp machine, and a complete ladies man.


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    Katherine Marie born 11/12/10 via c-section 5lbs 1oz

    Dx with MTHFR Mutation 12/10

    8/23/12 - BFP EDD 5/3/13
    Andrew Ryan is on his way

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    1. Birth Stats: 7 lbs, 4 oz and 21.5 in

    2. 1 Month Appointment Stats: 8 lbs, 3 oz and 20.5 in (he shrunk after birth because of the vacuum bruise going down) 

    3. Milestones hit: Making more noises, holding his head up better, getting better control of his facial expressions, had his first ER trip (scary)

    4. Baby Quirks: Surprisingly he loves bath time and does not mind getting his diaper changed. He's a pro at switching between formula, breast milk, bottles, breasts. 

  • 1. Birth stats
    7 pounds 14 ounces, 20 inches

    2. 1 month appt stats
    10 pounds, 1 ounce. 21.5 inches

    3. Milestones hit
    Rolls over from back to tummy, both ways.

    4. Baby specific quirks
    Sleeps best when tummy to tummy on daddy.
    married 7.18.12   DS1 4.29.13   EDD 11.23.14


    my happy boy

  • 1. Birth stats 6lbs 9oz, 18.25 inches

    2. 1 month appt stats 8lbs even, 20 inches

    3. Milestones hit holding her head up, smiling

    4. Baby specific quirks  I love her little stretch & pucker face that she makes.  So adorable.

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  • 1. Birth stats  8 pounds 5 ounces, 21" long

    2. 1 month appt stats  9 lb, 22" (my pedi doesn't do a 1 month appointment but I weighed/measured at home)

    3. Milestones hit   Smiling, holding her head up, cooing

    4. Baby specific quirks  Love the face when she first wakes up-puts her fists by her head, little cheeks are puffed out, and lips puckered. Too cute!

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  • image AliciaR777:

    hey ladies! My baby was a preemie but was due May 4th so I'm jumping this post! Lol

    1. Birth stats 5lbs 12oz 18.75 inches long

    2. 2 month appt stats 10lbs 6oz 22inch long. Took his shots like a champ. It was harder on us than him. 

    3. Milestones hit he smiles but mostly while still sleeping. He's been rolling over since he was 3wks old. We just started tummy time. 

    4. Baby specific quirks he loves to poop in fresh diapers. Lol. He wakes up as soon as my DH enters the room without him speaking. And he's running this house. 


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  • 1. Birth stats: 8 lbs, 8 oz  21.5"

    2. 1 month appt stats: we don't do a 1 month pedi appt but we weighed him at home and he was 9 lbs 8.5 oz

    3. Milestones hit:  smiling, really getting good at starting to hold his head up

    4. Baby specific quirks:  doesn't mind tummy time most days, also enjoys baths but howls when it's time to change his diaper

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  • Great idea! 

    1. Birth stats - 6 lbs 11oz, born one day after EDD

    2. 1 month appt stats - he won't have a doc appt until 2 months, but we have a baby scale at home, he was 9lbs 3 oz at a month old, he is a big eater

    3. Milestones hit - his eye focus is much better, and he is starting to grab at things, he has great head and neck control, but hates tummy time

    4. Baby specific quirks - loves to be held, all day every day 

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  • 1. Birth stats 6lbs 13 oz
    2. 1 month appt stats. He was 8 lbs at his 3 week check.
    3. Milestones hit Rolls to his side and can stick his legs and arms out the side of his cradle.
    4. Baby specific quirks. He loves to be held. I finally got him to take a bottle this week....basically he hated the kind I got him even though his brother liked those. Go figure. I had to buy different ones, and now I am stuck with some new ones that were never used too.
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  • Ds2 is 6 weeks today!

    1. Birth stats: 6z"b 8oz 19 3/4 in
    He was down to 5lb 8oz at his smallest

    2. 1 month appt stats: no appt but weighed 7lb 14oz. He's up to 9lb this week

    3. Milestones hit: starting to react to noises and bat at toys on his playmat. A couple of sleepy smiles but nothing social yet.

    4. Baby specific quirks: loves being worn and his puppy wubanub
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  • He was 8.2 at birth
    He is now 9.5
    Milestones: He smiles, rolls on his side and has been focusing

    Quirks: loves his swing, the mirror and bath time
  • My son was a preemie but this is the only place he really fits. Due date May 18th arrived April 9th.

    1. Birth stats

    4pounds 8ounces 

    2. 1 month appt stats

    7pounds 4 ounces! 

    3. Milestones hit

     Tries hard to hold his head up all on his own, cooing all the time and smiling!

    4. Baby specific quirks

    loves bath time, to lay belly to belly with his dad, and he's my little cuddle bug. 

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  • 1. Birth stats 7lbs 9oz 19.5in
    2. 1 month appt stats 9lbs 5oz 21.5in
    3. Milestones hit holding up head, smiles
    4. Baby specific quirks smiles every time she falls asleep, loves to poop on me.
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  • 1. Birth stats, 8lbs 7oz, 20.5 inches long

    2. 1 month appt stats, 10lbs, 22.5 inches long

    3. Milestones hit, he is holding his head up really well and that is about it.

    4. Baby specific quirks, hmmm he cries a lot, like a lot. Basically he doesn't have any other time for quirks, lol,

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  • Owen is 7 weeks today, born April 15

    Birth stats: 4 pounds 2 ounces at 34 weeks, 17 1/4 inches

    1 month appt stats: 7 pounds 3 ounces, 18.5 inches

    Milestones: Holding head up on his own, pushing chest up with arms during tummy time, noise making, holds his bottle with both hands

    Quirks: Owen laughs in his sleep and gets a big grin, it's the best.  He also puts both hands on my checks when I get close to him while he's on his back.

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  • 1. Birth Stats: 7lb 13.5oz; 20in

    2. 1 month Stats: 9lb 13oz; 21.5in

    3. Milestones: rolls from side to front and side to back; cooing; smiling; getting good at holding head up.

    4. Baby Quirks: love to poo in fresh diapers; the "Oo" face he makes after he poos is hilarious to me
  • 1. Birth stats 7 lbs 3 oz, 19.5 in

    2. 1 month appt stats 9 lbs 7 oz, 20.75 in

    3. Milestones hit She rolled belly to back!

    4. Baby specific quirks She's a nightmare to get to sleep


  • 1. Birth stats 11 lbs 6 oz, 22.5 inches born April 23 due May 8. 

    2. 1 month appt stats- we go in next week since DR was on vacation

    3. Milestones hit: he is sleeping about 5 hours at night straight and is holding his head up fairly well

    4. Baby specific quirks: he talk/babbles to his dad but not me...kinda jealous every time I try to talk to him he starts looking for food.  Im just food to love. LOL

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  • NDaryaNDarya
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    Great idea! So interesting to read other LO's achievments.

     1. Birth stats: 7lbs 1oz

    2. 1 month appt stats: 10lbs 25oz

    3. Milestones hit: his neck is getting stronger, more smiles

    4. Baby specific quirks: LO doesn't mind tummy time, grunts when farts, poops on everybody, lol

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  • 1. Birth stats:  8lbs 9oz, 20"2. 1 month appt stats:  10lbs, 22"3. Milestones hit:  Does well holding his head up and can roll on his side.  We've gotten a few smiles but haven't counted his first "real" one yet4. Baby specific quirks:  Loves to be held all day long, but sleeps well in his crib.  Only wants to sit up when being held- never laying down!
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