When did you start showing with twins?

I'm only 8 weeks with twins and I'm small/average build but I'm definitely bigger already.
I can't wear any jeans without a rubber band or safety pin, and there is a definite, albeit small bump going on.

Did anyone else start slightly showing this early?
I'm pretty sure my coworkers are starting to guess already!
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Re: When did you start showing with twins?

  • This is my second pg, and I stopped buttoning my pants around 9w. But I didn't start really showing until 18w or so. My coworkers had no idea when I told them around 15w. I just wore loose fitting clothes. I had no interest in telling early, so I made an effort to hide the bloat.

  • It's bloat, but I haven't been able to wear pants w/o an elastic or belly band since mid-IVF cycle.  Started getting the side-eye and rude questions at work around 9/10w.
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  • It was my second pregnancy and friends started guessing at 8 weeks. Pretty sure it was bloat too at that point but it looked like a pregnancy bump, even when I tried to hide under big clothes. It took a lok of work to hide it until 12 weeks. When I started telling I just wore regular clothes and let my belly spread the news. It was pretty effective.
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  • Oh yeah I'm positive it's just bloat...I mean the babies are only raspberry sized right now! I think it's going to be hard to keep secret by 12 weeks though!
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  • I was majorly bloated by 8 weeks and needed the rubber band for my pants too. By 12 weeks I was definitely showing but I was able to wear bigger shirts to hide it. No one knew besides me but once we told everyone, by 13 weeks there was no denying it. 
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  • I started showing around 12 weeks (second pregnancy). That's when people who know me started saying I looked pregnant. People I didn't know well or strangers started noticing around 22 ish weeks.

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  • I was also very petite and thin to start out with. I was having trouble buttoning my pants by about 8-9 weeks and was in maternity pants around 12w. I didn't start wearing maternity shirts until about 17w. If I wore fitted shirts, people who knew me could tell I was pregnant by 12 weeks. I was able to hide it if I wanted to under baggy shirts until about 16 weeks. I never really "popped" though, like some people talk about. My bloat bump just gradually grew into a baby bump.


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  • The Rubber Band trick just made me so uncomfortable that i gave up and was in maternity pants around 9 weeks. i just looked like i was eating too much until about 14w or so. but i was so fat i started telling people around 10w.

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  • I had some bloat in the beginning.  I used a Bella Band to keep my pre-preg pants for a while.  After the bloat though, I think you could see the start of an actual bump at about 12 weeks.  It was small, just like I might have eaten too much, but it was there.  I probably could have kept the pregnancy a secret for a few more weeks at that point, but that was about the time we came out. 
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  • I definitely was bloated from the beginning, and was wearing maternity pants by 12 weeks, however I truly wasnt showing until about 16-17 weeks-- at least showing to people who didn't know me.

  • I didn't start using maternity clothes until about week 23. 
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  • I was bloated early until about 10 weeks. I think it was from IVF and all the meds. Then, the bloat went away. I started looking pregnant about 14 weeks.
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  • Haven't been here in a super long time, but I started showing at 15w. I had lost about 40 pounds by that point though :/ I also had THREE friggen long stretch marks already! WTF skin? Get your sh!t together.
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