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NBR: should we move into this country home?

DH and i have been going back and forth about where to live, when all of a sudden his parents threw us a curveball and told us their friends have this home for sale and will pay half for us if we want the house. we visited it today and it's a great house with HUGE fenced in land (perfect for our children to play in and our dog as well). the ONLY problem i have with the house is that it's pretty much out in the boonies! i'm talking horses, chickens, and serious country folk with tractors on their lawn. our house is the probably the nicest looking house in that area. the area itself doesn't seem at all dangerous, it actually is very peaceful and it seems like the neighbors don't even bother you. ultimately, it's our decision, but i just want an opinion from other moms. would you raise your children in that type of area? i know it sounds ridiculous, but half of me would love to live in the middle of nowhere where no one would bother us and the other half feels kind of out of place with the neighbors. it sounds stupid and probably superficial, but i always saw myself in a "middle class neighborhood with a picket white fence". there is nothing wrong with the type of people in the other neighborhood AT ALL nor do i feel like i am better than them, it's just not the type of place i saw myself being in nor something i'm used to, so please don't judge this post as such. thank you
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Re: NBR: should we move into this country home?

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    I grew up in a house out in the boonies. We moved there the summer before high school, and prior to that we lived in a neighborhood that you described. Based on my exp living in both... If you're an outdoorsy type, out in the country would be nice. You can garden w/ kids, teach them about fresh food , farm animals?, fresh eggs are cool, go carts and quads...lots of things you can't have in city limits....And, at least for us, it was much safer. Don't have to worry about neighbors with loud stereos, or loud parties.. meteor showers are visible...

     But, if you're not an outdoorsy type, ..might not be so fun. I was a homebody in HS so it kinda sucked for me lol. And my parents lived so far out that we could only ever get dial up, and even now they still cannot get dsl or anything other than dial up. And decorating for Christmas kind of sucked because no one saw our over the top light display, but we still put it up. 

    I would move out to the country now if I had the chance. I just prefer the open space and less neighbors, ;) AND if someone offered to pay 1/2, I'd jump on that. And if you find you don't like it you could always sell, right? No one says you have to stay there forever, do they?

    Hope this helps 

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  • That's a tough one!! I agree if you're into the outdoorsy thing than it could be great but I'm with you that I never envisioned myself living in the stix.  I actually never even imagined the suburbs but here I am.   There's no way I personally would move to the stix permanently. I could do it on a weekend basis and that's it. But that's just me.  I like seeing people outside when I wake up for the most part and I don't mind the noise.  But it might work for your family...what do you guys do for work? What kind of commute? I assume your family will be close by? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

    Sorry for the twenty questions but just things to consider. good luck!!

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  • KisstyKissty
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    I grew up in the stix in a small town, within 6 mos. of graduating I moved to a much larger city and in the burbs.  Love it and will NEVER go back!  It really depends on what you prefer.  The thought of a home 1/2 paid for is a great offer, but do not do it just for that reason alone.  Do not make yourself miserable for it.  It will really depend on what type of person you are.  If you are outdoorsy then it would probaly be fine, if not...I prefer the burbs, but I know several people who prefer a "country" type living.


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  • It completely depends on you and your families personality. For us, living in the country is wonderful. I love living in the boonies. We have a garden, room for our child(ren) to run and scream without bothering the neighbors, area for larger pets to teach responsibility, and the list goes on, for us. The fenced in yard sounds awesome too! That is pretty rare to have a fenced in yard in the country. It would be nice to have if you ever get a dog so it learns to stay in the area and you don't have to be right next to your child when they are outside. Good luck on your decision! 
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  • Only you can say if you have the right temperament to live there. I think I'd probably adjust, but in the beginning it would be hard for me not to be able to just run to the store if I needed something. I'm not sure I would take on a long commute for it, though. 

    My bigger concern would be what strings might come with the offer to help pay for the house. You don't really say anything about the relationship you have with his family. They may not be at all like this, but many times, such an offer comes with strings that may not be obvious at first. Before I asked myself whether I could live in the boonies, I'd be asking myself whether I could accept such an offer...

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  • We live on a 27,000 acre ranch. It's 20 minutes from town. There are horses, chickens, llamas, camels, ostriches, and buffalo! 

    We have a garden, 27000 for my dog to run around on and LO can scream and run around without "bothering" neighbors.

     We love it.  

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