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Clicky poll - naps

Clicky poll - because they are fun![Poll]
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Re: Clicky poll - naps

  • She naps really well in the swing...I'm talking 2+ hour stretches sometimes...but sleeps overnight in the PNP in our room. We hope to transition to overnight in the crib around 6 months, so I am hoping to start getting some more naps in the crib.  

  • Most of the time it's in the crib, but sometimes we just take what we can get where we can get it. So, stroller, swing, in our arms are sometimes options too.
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  • Mostly crib. That is, when she actually decides to nap. I miss the days of 2 or 3 hour naps. I'm lucky to even get 1 hour these days!
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  • I love that she naps on the boppy. I know it will be a hard habit to break later.
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    RnP, very rarely the swing or my arms. He slept in my arms today for a short nap, it was really sweet, but short. They are only long in the RNP.
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  • I picked other, he naps in all of them, and occasionally the bouncy chair.  He doesn't care. He loves to sleep.
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  • Crib for two two to three hour naps. I'm truly spoiled. If he takes a cat nap it's usually because swinging or the playmat gets boring and he just falls asleep.
  • Many of my son's naps are in the carseat. It's not ideal, but with two older sisters both in 1/2 day school there isn't a lot of choice!
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  • Really my answer should be all of the above.  E naps with me, in my arms, in his swing, in the stroller, in the PnP, on his Kick and Play Piano mat, on my bed, in his bassinet, in the car seat....  If he is tired, he sleeps, it doesn't matter where or when.  Just yesterday I went to an organ & choir concert at my parents' church.  The organ was playing full blast-- you know, that feel the sound vibrations through your body, make you want to cry fantastic music type of sound that's REALLY LOUD.  E went to sleep.
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  • I chose other because I mainly hold her while she naps. However, this week we have been trying to get her to nap in her crib. It's been going great but I still try to hold her as much as I can. I love my snuggle time with her!!
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  • Other - we are out and about most afternoons and he tends to nap in his carseat.  Otherwise he'll nap in pnp, crib, carrier, stroller, and high chair even.
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  • I chose other. She just sort of naps where she is - either her playpen, her bouncer (if she's hanging out there watching DD1 play or me cook), or in the carrier at the playground. She often takes her long afternoon nap in the carrier just because that's when we're usually at the playground for DD1. If we don't go to the playground for whatever reason, DD2 still usually takes a long nap, but then it's in the playpen or bouncer.

    DD1 had to nap in my arms until she was 7 months old. While I did enjoy it, I'm glad that DD2 is more flexible.

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  • I voted crib but that's only the last few days! Usually it's crib, RnP, bouncer, car seat, etc!


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  • In our bed, by herself.
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  • All of the above! He naps wherever he falls asleep, sometimes in my arms, the floor, in his swing, in his crib, on our bed. He's not picky, it's great!
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