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Trying to match crib to existing furniture?

Mobile bumpers: trying to match crib to existing furniture?

So, some background: hubby and in moved In together into my town home.  We had to rent out his beautiful rancher.  I had large dark stained wood fancy king sized master bedroom furniture and he had his great aunt's medium stained oak color queen sized master bedroom furniture.  So we put his queen furniture in the guest room and just moved the queen bed to our 3rd floor loft.  We had hoped to just pick up a crib that matched the oak stain but I'm having a heck of a time finding one.  I love the really dark stain like mahogany or dark cherry colors but I don't know how we'll it will look when we put it in there.  Maybe white will be better.  But hubby also offered to move the remaining oak color furniture to our 3rd floor loft and told me I could buy all new baby furniture.  My dilemma is spending money when we are renting a house at a loss, had to spend several thousand to get pregnant through a fertility clinic, and now we have to replace the wood siding on our house which will run at least 15k.  I really like the miss-matched shabby chic look that some people do.  We have a habitat for humanity restore around here where you can get old dressers for $40 or $50 and we can paint them whatever.   I'd like to save money with everything going on and I'd also like to make this as easy as easy as possible too, not penny pinching to the point where we are making more work for ourselves.

has anyone tried to match a crib to existing furniture or picked an entirely different color crib and its worked well in your nursery? 

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Re: Trying to match crib to existing furniture?

  • I've personally never been a fan of matchy matchy furniture anywhere in my home, and our nursery is no exception. We have a combination of painted wood and espresso stained furniture in the nursery and I think it looks great. 
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  • I also like the look of mismatched furniture. I wouldn't go out and buy new furniture if I were you. I would probably get a painted crib.
  • I think with some fresh paint you cn match it easily, but I don't see a problem with mismatched furniture. Baby won't care and if your creative you can totally make it work!

  • Personally I would just skip the wood tones all together and paint the crib a bold color.
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  • image luminousbluestar:
    Personally I would just skip the wood tones all together and paint the crib a bold color.

    I agree! I would not spend the money on trying to match the furniture...The baby won't care what color the crib and dresser are. Save your money. 

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  • We are just using the furniture we have and are going to refinish it so its not completely mismatched. I wouldn't spend the extra money if you have something already.
  • I have a darker refinished dresser and a white crib for M and I will be doing the same for this baby.  I think it looks fine.  A white or painted crib will look better than close but not quite matching wood.   Do remember that within a few years babies become destructo toddlers and you may not want nice furniture in the room.  If you H values the furniture I would consider using it to be a temporary situation.  
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  • eyriseyris
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    Personally, aside from a crib, I would not waste money on nursery furniture.  Most of the dressers that come with those nursery sets are super pricey for the quality and not worth it IMO.

    I would find a crib that you love and either make it work with what you have or paint the dresser to match.  Or like you said, find a cheap used dresser and paint it to match and keep the existing one with the set.

    Google some nursery pictures, or find stuff on pinterest to inspire you.  I don't think the style of the crib and other furniture in the room need to be exactly the same, either.  My general rule is that if it's intentional, it will look good.  If it looks like a mistake or afterthought, that's when things don't go together well.


    ETA:  I just googled "nursery vintage dresser" and found tons of cute rooms with new cribs combined with old/refinished dressers. 


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  • You could always try glazing the crib. Get an inexpensive crib and paint it cream or another light color. Then get some sand paper and rough it up in a few spots and go back over the whole thing in any stain color that you want and wipe it back off. It will stick and stay darker in the roughed up spots and in any crevices in the crib. It gives it a very cool and shabby chic effect and it's what I'm going to do with my old dresser to make it match our crib. (Sorry I don't have a picture right now to show you!)
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