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Diaper cakes shipped directly - baby shower gift idea

So I tried the sample from Honest Company and happened to be browsing around the website.  I've made my own diaper cake before to take as a gift to a baby shower, but now with a baby on the way, I may just want the convenience of ordering it and shipping it directly! Thought I'd share in case any of you ladies are also interested.  One down side - it seems they only make it using size 1 diapers (1 size up from newborn) which is a little unfortunate because many babies are big at birth and hardly use newborn diapers.  It would force the mom-to-be to unwrap the cute cake right away to get use from the diapers.  Maybe a phone call would convince them to use size 2 or 3 diapers so mom-to-be can enjoy the "cake" a little longer.  I know I always pick at least size 2 so the cake can last and not have to be taken apart a couple weeks after baby is born.

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Re: Diaper cakes shipped directly - baby shower gift idea

  • Those are really cute!  I would have loved that.  I'm currently using Honest diapers and love them, along with all the other products!  FWIW, the cakes are only 90 or so diapers.  I probably changed diapers at least 10 times a day the first few weeks and even still so it would only last about 9 days.  

    I kind of confused as to what your point is.  To have it as decoration or something? Everything on it is a consumable/useful item meant to be used.  It's kind of the point.  That it's not a pointless decoration.  It's useful.  So you should, you know, use it.  Not stare at it.


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  • image MrsMuq:

    I think diaper cakes are pointless. I don't understand why people go through such a cutesy effort for something that was made to hold and store baby poop.

    And I can't imagine a sleep-deprived, spit-up covered, frazzled new mom a) wanting to disassemble a diaper cake so that she can use the diapers, or b) not use the diapers from a diaper cake because she's too busy staring at it and thinking "ooooo, pretty!"

    I've never really been a big fan, but I guess if it's used as a baby shower decoration instead of something you'd throw away, I can see that.  Or if you were planning on giving diapers as a gift and you wanted a nicer way of doing it?  

    I just think it's silly to think you'd want it sitting around taking up space so you could "enjoy it longer."  That I don't get at all. 

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