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Final straw-vent

So all of my vents since LO has been born have been about my crazy IL's. They are always criticizing me & comparing me to my MIL. Well yesterday was the last that i could take. We went to visit them yesterday & my mil made a backhanded comment about my LO being light skinned with fine hair (Implying that he's not my husbands) MH is black but I am mixed black & white. I am light skinned with curly hair so there was always a chance that LO would look the way he does. She said that all the people in her family have very dominant genes. I'm not sure where this is coming from, could be because on the problems MH & I are having. I told her that Rite Aid sells paternity tests for $100 so she's more that welcome to purchase one. Then I took my baby from her & left.


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