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When someone else is watching your kid, do you expect them to CD or do you have disposables for them?

I'm talking about short term babysitting, so they wouldn't have to do laundry or anything. But also a babysitter who has no kids of their own and has no idea how to CD. I'm not sure if it's worth the hassle of trying to show them how to do it and then field questions about how/why/what the deal is. Not that it would take long to show them how to do it... just curious what everyone else does.

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Re: babysitting

  • I haven't had to deal with this yet... No baby yet. But I would get AIO or pockets for the babysitter to use. They're easy and they could just take it off and put a new one on. I don't see how it's much different than a disposable except maybe changing it sooner?
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  • Yeah, we use Charlie Banana OS. I would stuff them beforehand, but people can be really weird about CDs. I'm afraid they'll just be like, "I don't want to do this, it's weird." Maybe I'll just keep some disposables on hand, just in case.

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  • We very rarely have anyone else watch DS, but when we do, I just ask the sitter what they prefer. My go-to kid watching friend CDed her kids 20 years ago and thinks modern cloth is fantastic. She even put on DS's overnight diaper fitted/wool combo when we had an evening wedding to attend.


  • Last time I left a cd with a sitter when I came home it was literally falling off because it was so loose. And it was H and L! It was his night time diaper so that would have been a disaster. I just have them use disposables now.

    The only person I really send DS with cloth to on a regular basis is my SIL since she uses cloth, too.
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  • DD has only been with a sitter once for an hour. We put her in a sposie because it wasn't worth trying to explain snap settings for that length of time. She didn't even need a diaper change, but we wanted it to be easy just in case.

    When DS is born, I'll have a pack of sposies on hand for DD. Someone from church will be watching DD, but who it is depends on the day of the week I go into labor. I don't want to explain cloth to multiple people just in case. Plus, that would require washing every night (versus every other night) once I hit full term to make sure I had enough clean when I went into labor.

    If I had a regular sitter, I would explain cloth in a heartbeat. We use pockets, so the only tricky part is the snaps. My mom, aunt, and sister have all mastered them from helping out during visits. If only they lived close enough to be regular sitters...


  • I just make it as easy as a disposable would be. I put out the container of pre-wet wipes (usually kept for nights), bum cream and a couple aplix pockets on the top of the change table. I point out the wet bag, tell them that everything goes in (wipes and diaper), and tell them to do the diaper up tightly with nothing sticking out. Once my stepmom put a diaper on backwards, but otherwise no ones had a problem.

    If you keep things in the house that aren't CD safe (like zinc cream) hide it. Other posters have had well-meaning family put some on and its hard to get off. 

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  • We've only had someone non family related watch ds 1 time. My husband's work had a holiday party and they hired a child care company for those who wanted to use it. We called the company ahead of time and asked if they were ok with cloth diapers. They were cool with it but just to make it as easy as possible I brought all pockets with apix so it was just like putting on a disposable. I showed them how they worked and the wet bag to put the dirty diapers in. They did a great job and I didn't have any diaper casualties. I probably wouldn't have sent my son to the child care if I would have had to buy disposable.

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  • We have babysitters use pockets with aplix. I show them real quick how it works. If they can't figure out how to put on a pocket with aplix they probably can't manage a disposable either.
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  • Same for us--aplix pockets and just tell them to throw everything into the bag.  When I first started I'd always keep a sposie or two in the diaper bag and tell them they were more than welcome to use that if they felt more comfortable, but no one ever did.  Pretty much everyone was so intrigued by the cloth that they jumped at the chance to use it.  Several times after picking my son up from the church nursery people had changed him even though he hadn't really needed a new diaper just because they wanted to play with my dipers :)

  • I think that a babysitter who had never had kids of their own would actually be much more open to the idea of a CD than a parent who has only ever used sposies.

    We have one sitter who won't use "those material diapers", so I leave some sposies out for her. Everyone else is fine with AIO's and pockets. My mother will even put her in a fitted for bedtime too.


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  • image hispenguin:

    I think that a babysitter who had never had kids of their own would actually be much more open to the idea of a CD than a parent who has only ever used sposies.

    Ohh, that's true. I was pretty intrigued when I first heard of them.

    Thanks for all the responses!

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  • All our sitters have easily used our pocket diapers. They get the same deal as daycare - if there's a poo, I deal with it when I get home, just throw it in a wet bag and put on a new diaper. We have a lot of aplix, so it's really as easy as a disposable for them.
  • I would show them how to do it and leave a few out, and then tell them to try if they're comfortable with it. Worked for us, potentially because it took the pressure off.
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  • We use a babysitter quite often and both of the girls will use the CD's on DD2. When I asked them if they had baby sat any kids before that used cloth, both said they did and didn't have any problems with it. In fact, my favorite girl told me that she actually prefers using the cloth over disposables. Score! Anyways, I leave them with AIO's or pre-stuffed pockets.

    We haven't had any issues so far, except just recently, I put out a night time diaper, and for some reason she didn't use it. She put DD2 in a regular pocket diaper. We came home really late and went straight to bed and when I woke up, I found that DD2 had leaked all over. UGH!

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