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small bulge on front wall of vagina, postpartum


I didn't find any similar topics. I dare not talk to any of my friends about this and I'm hoping I don't have to set up a ob/gyn appointment because even though we paid off the hospital bill, we're still behind on some sonogram bills (370 each and insurance paid nothing) so I don't think they'll appreciate me showing up there just yet...

Anyway, I've been reading a lot about postpartum pain  and I wonder if someone had a similar situation and did it go away, was it scarring after stitches or some sort of very minor prolapse or heck knows what?

I'm almost 5 months postpartum and we have sex very rarely, hubby is v careful not to hurt me and honestly I'd rather do oral sex than vaginal, as each time we have intercourse I feel like there was a painful stitch on the front wall of my vagina. Yesterday I put some more lubricant in and was going to be brave and have sex when I felt a bulge/lump/something sticking out from the front of the vag wall, about on the index finger length inside me, it's the same thing that always hurts me.... it's been 5 months! I 'm dealing with hemmoroids which I got during delivery, and low milk supply, I don't need hating sex to add to that list. :(

Re: small bulge on front wall of vagina, postpartum

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