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St. Elizabeth's Medical Center, Brighton?

Does anyone have any experience with St. Elizabeth's Medical center in Brighton? I thought since my OB was affiliated with St. E's and Newton Wellesley I had a choice, but it turns out he only delivers at St. Elizabeth's. I love my OB and don't want to switch care at all, but I've had several friends who delivered at Newton Wellesley and was impressed with the maternity unit. 

I don't know much about St. Elizabeth's (though I'm planning on taking a tour) and can't find any kind of reviews online. Did anyone deliver there?  


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Re: St. Elizabeth's Medical Center, Brighton?

  • I actually used to work there. They have a fantastic maternity unit they are one of the top hospitals for babies famous for their NICU. They deal with many high risk pregnancies and multiple pregnancies. You will be in great hands! =
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    NWH has a great reputation but my experience there wasn't anything to write home about.  There was an excellent nurse who did our non-stress test and comforted me when I learned I had to be induced.  But then we got a really negative L&D nurse who kept telling us to be prepared for everything that could possibly go wrong.  The postpartum nurses told me I would have difficulty nursing because of my breasts (I nursed DS for over two years with no issues).  We're going to try a new hospital this time around.  If the provider you like delivers at St. Elizabeth's that's what I'd go with in your shoes.
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  • @crystalmcg720, thank you, I just saw this. I hear good things about the NICU, and it sounds like a safe place for my daughter. I've also been told the nurses are fantastic. 

    The website virtual tour isn't working, or at least doesn't have sound, do you happen to know if mothers have the option of a private room? 

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