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Kick Counts?

I'm boarder line 3rd trimester.  I know kicks will become more predictable/consistent after 28 weeks.  My question is, "How many of you do the actual 'Kick Counts' deal?  With my first pregnancy, I didn't worry about any of this.  I'm crazy this time. 

If you do 'Kick Counts', do you actually lie down for two hours to count?  I don't have that time, and I'm not sure I wouldn't fall asleep.  This time, the baby is not super active.  Seems to be laid back.  


Re: Kick Counts?

  • I had an AP with DD, so barely felt her the entire pregnancy.  When the OB asked about kick counts and I said I really couldn't feel anything, he sent me for an NST.  That went totally fine, DD was extremely active, just as she had been during her ultrasounds, so I refused further NSTs, since I never had any indication that there were any problems.

    This time, I have a PP, so should be feeling lots from DS, but still, not much, although slightly more, just nothing predictable.  I assume the OB will be asking about kick counts soon, and I'll let him know that I do feel DS on a regular enough basis that I am comfortable, and I will decline any NSTs this time around unless I feel there is true cause for concern. 

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  • As a FTM, I did them for a couple of weeks.  My MFM had me start them at 28 weeks exactly, and I definitely noticed the movements pick up in the week or so before that.

    However, the kick counts are initially done where you sit somewhere quietly and count until you reach a specific number of movements (I think most people count up to 10 movements, my MFM has me count 6).  You're supposed to get that many movements in an hour... if you haven't, you have to drink a cold sugary drink and lay down for another hour to get the required movements.  

    You'd only have to do 2 hours of kick counts if baby's being extremely quiet.

    BUT, you can do the kick counts at any time during the day... I normally do mine around 2pm, when she's fairly active.  That means that I end up just sitting quietly for about 20 minutes until I get the 6 kicks.  I haven't gotten anywhere close to 1 hour, let alone 2!

     Now, I just pay attention to make sure that I feel her somewhat reguarly, and only do the count if it seems like she's being abnormally quiet.

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  • I don't have to do the kick count my baby moves so much my whole stomach looks like it has a life of it's own the only time the baby is calm and quite  is when they do the ultrasounds and NST last one they actually had to wake him up . my doctor said if you don't feel 10 movements in 2 hours then you should drink a glass of something sweet and lay down to do the kick count if something just doesn't feel right then call and go to land d if its the middle of the night better safe than sorry
  • I got a sheet for kick counts but I haven't done them yet.  As long as I feel her a few times a day then I'm not worried.  I talked to my dr about it and he said to juts do them if I have no movement for a while. I mainly  just in the evening when I sit down and relax and during the day I don't really feel too much.  Around 28 weeks there would be a day or two I wouldn't feel anything.  I just go with what is normal for me. 

    Also lately I've noticed she doesn't really kick anymore- she mainly just pushes or rolls around.  I can see her moving from the outside.


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  • I do them, but I'm not super rigid about it. Mostly I just try to be aware of her movements throughout the day. She's starting to get into some patterns now: nap at 10 am, nap at 2 pm, etc. So if I can feel her moving at 11 and 3, then we're good. I usually don't lie down, just sit and lean back a bit in the chair.

    And remember, any movement counts. With mine, I'm not getting "kicks" so much, but plenty of rolling and stretching and kneading.
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    My dr never asked me to keep track of kick counts. They used it more as a tool if you weren't having regular movements. With my 3rd I was nervous because she didn't move nearly as much as my others. But she still moved daily so I wasn't worried. I lucked out that she was just as calm when she came out- that was just her personality!
  • I only do it if I stop to think, "hey it's been a while...". That is not often. DS is very active and even with my anterior placenta I feel him rolling, jabbing and having fun. So I don't do them every day.

    During our nap [If DD will take one and so I can] I will try to get 10 counts in an hour. I usually get a lot more.

    It's something to be mindful of but don't obsess.
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  • image Kemare20:
    I never did kick counts because my son was very active. Do it when your baby is most active for most, usually at night. Once you get to 10 kicks in an hour my son would give me 10 in 510 minutes!, you're good. Also... "kick" counts is misleading. ANY movement from your baby is considered a kick.


    My Dr. Told me I didn't have to do them since this LO is active all day.
  • I have to do it everyday and keep a log. I must bring this log to every doctor's visit.

    I typically wait until I feel the baby being active and start then. I only count ten movements. This takes anywhere from 5-25 minutes, depending on how active LO is that day. 

    Unlike others, I am told to immediately call the doctor's office if movements take longer than 1 hour. This may be because I have GD. 

    Also, my baby is more active when I'm sitting, when I'm laying down she's kind of lazy. 


  • I pay attention to her movement every day and when she is active, I usually count until I get ten movements. It has never taken me more than a half hour, but it is usually done in 5-10 minutes.
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    I have never done a single kick count in two pregnancies, nor has my OB ever mentioned them.
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  • I had my 28 week appt with my doctor today and I asked her about movement/kick counts ect. She said at this stage that as long as I'm feeling some movement every 4-5 hours I'm good but that it's NEVER normal to go 12 hours and feel nothing even with my Anterior Placenta. She said they won't start having me do actual kick counts until I'm 32 weeks but again to call if it's been 12 hours with nothing.

    Once it gets to that point I will do them initially but like other ladies, if you are feeling consistent movement I don't see a need. Even now if I don't feel movement for a few hours I will lay on my back and I can almost always feel him doing that
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  • When I was pregnant with DD, my first, my midwife had me do kick counts, but this time, she just (actually again today at appointment) asks if baby is moving, and says if I'm ever concerned, to do kick counts (I guess otherwise she figures, perhaps b/c it's #2, I have a good idea what no movement would feel like) only if I'm concerned.
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  • I have to do them and keep a log of it, as I am high-risk, and have to go in if I can't get 6 kicks in a 2 hour period. This doesn't mean I have to sit for 2 hours; if I get 6 kicks in 5 minutes then I am done. Also you just pick a time when LO is active so you aren't just waiting around.

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  • My doctor never instructed me to do kick counts, but he does ask me about the fetal movements at every appointment. I think you're going for 10 in an hour, but this guy sometimes does 10 in a few minutes. As long as you can feel regular movement, probably every few hours or so, I think you're fine.
  • With both pregnancies I've got the kick counts done in the morning when they wake up. They easily do/did 10 kicks within about 5 mins or less.

    If I forget or if that doesn't work, I just wait til I feel her getting active and start counting. Its really not a big deal where you dedicate 2 hrs to laying down everyday to do it. Most LOs meet the 10 counts really fast and you can count anywhere and anytime.
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