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TMI hormones

My hormones got the best of me yesterday. After DH and I had sex yesterday, I started to get up to grab a wipe to clean up and he stops me and says 'no baby, you're pregnant just lay there and relax ill get it for you.' By the time he came back I was literally BAWLING, couldn't catch my breath crying. He was so concerned and immediately started apologizing asking what he'd done wrong and what he could do. I couldn't speak, I just kept shaking my head and trying to cover my face with a pillow. Finally, 5 minutes later and inbetween crying breaths I mumbled out 'i'm not mad at you I just love you so much'

Who knew that something as simple as going to the restroom to grab a baby wipe could set me off like that. He crawled into bed to cuddle me and i just started crying even harder. My poor husband he really is amazing I feel so bad for him. Good job self, way to ruin the moment!

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