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Eye color

LO has pretty blue eyes, but all babies have blue eyes, right? What color are your baby's eyes? When do they change color? 
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Re: Eye color

  • DS has blue eyes, is 5 weeks old. His daddy has blue eyes too and it's dominant on my moms side so I'm hoping it stays blue. I, however, have hazel eyes so they could change.
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  • My LO is 7 weeks and his eyes look greyish brown.  My husband's eyes are green and mine are brown.  It's hard to say what color they will be!  Either way, they are big, bright and beautiful!  It's interesting to know that babies with blue eyes are starting to show up as blue already, so I guess we can rule that color out now.  I know i have a blue eye gene that I could have contributed and my husband must have one as well.  But brown is dominant so I'm guessing he'll be brown :) 

  • DD has blue eyes, too. DH and I both have brown eyes, so they'll probably change, but DD's eyes are the exact same color as my brother's, so I'm hopeful!

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  • His eyes are a dark blueish grey right now at 6 weeks. Of course I know it will change, but we are hoping for Blue eyes like his dad instead of brown like mine...
  • My baby's eyes are a bright blue (she's 9 weeks old).  I have a dark brown and my husband has hazel.  The doctor told me at 5 weeks that LOs eyes will stay blue...not sure how she can tell but I won't complain:) 
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  • DH and I both have brown eyes. I think this baby will end up with brown eyes because they look grayish brown right now. My 2 year old has blue eyes, go figure!
  • DD's eyes are bright blue. We know they will stay blue because there is no one on either side of our families that does not have blue eyes. 

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  • She has blue eyes. My husband and I both have brown. However, dd1 has beautiful, bright blue eyes so it's a definite possibility that hers will also stay that way! On both sides of our families, blue or gray eyes turn brown by about 3 months but often sooner.

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    DS had gray blue and they turned brown. DD has brighter blue so guessing they will stay blue or green like mine. So she will have something hopefully that evidences my generic contribution. Otherwise my kids are total reflections of their dad and his family.
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  • image RussianMommy:
    DS has blue eyes, is 5 weeks old. His daddy has blue eyes too and it's dominant on my moms side so I'm hoping it stays blue. I, however, have hazel eyes so they could change.

    This except my LO is a DD and 7 weeks. My pedi said if they make it to 6 months their eyes will stay that color. She said anytime befor 6 mo they can change.....
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  • Right now, ds's eyes are a dark blue-gray (5 weeks). DH has beautiful bright blue eyes - and dd got those, too. I'm expecting the same from ds, but remain slightly hopeful he'll look at least a little like me w/ dark brown eyes.
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    DS eyes are a very dark blue right now. DH has brown eyes and I have hazel. I'm expecting him to have brown eyes but I'm kind of hoping he'll get my hazel. We'll see...
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  • My eyes are hazel, DH's are honey brown, and Charlie's are dark, dark brown. Ginny's are blue! They started that blue/grey, but they've been getting lighter and lighter by the day. They could still change drastically, but it'll be neat if they keep.

    Both DH and I have recessive traits for blue eyes (his father, my grandfather and brother) so you never know!


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    My son was born with dark blue eyes and they changed to a lighter blue/sometimes green/sometimes grayish depending on what eh is wearing. My daughter was born with dark brown/olive greenish eyes.

    My husband has blue eyes and my son definitwly has his coloring, and my daughter looks more like me.
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  • Our DD's eyes are a dark blue right now, but sometimes they have a greenish tinge. My eyes are green and DH's eyes are blue, so it could go either way. The day she was born, the nurse was checking her over and said that she might have green eyes. We will just have to wait and see!

  • LO is 9 weeks a and her blue eyes are only getting lighter, not changing color. We are pretty sure she will stay blue, as Dh and his parents all have blue, and mine and my parents are bluegreen.
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  • LO has steel blue eyes, they are gorgeous. Dad is Vietnamese with dark brown eyes. LO is 3 months... we are keeping FX for blue eyes but think they will eventually turn brown 
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  • image skidderdo:
    LO has steel blue eyes, they are gorgeous. Dad is Vietnamese with dark brown eyes. LO is 3 months... we are keeping FX for blue eyes but think they will eventually turn brownnbsp;

    My dh too! Ds had light blue eyes when he was born, they are now hazel. Dd looks like she will have brown eyes. Eye color can change up to age 2 is what I've heard. Ds had blueish green at 6m.
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  • DS has gray-blue eyes right now.  When he was born they were very dark blue.  

    DH has green-blue and I have green... we'll see how they turn out!  :D

  • They were dark blue and at 6 weeks started turning light green in the middle.

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  • My eyes are dark brown and so are my husband's. my daughters eyes are already almost the same after starting out dark blue.
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  • LO looks like he may have blue eyes like me, but he's only 7.5 weeks old, so it could change. DH has brown eyes. My mom, my maternal grandfather and various maternal great and great great grandparents had blue eyes. I'll be excited if his eyes stay blue. 

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  • My son was born with dark blue eyes, right now they are turning lighter blue. I have green eyes that change to blue every once in a while, my husband has hazel. His father has really really bright blue eyes, as does my grandma...so I hope they stay blue.
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  • Blue at the moment

    My son had blue for 6 months before they turned a really lovely brown.
  • DD1's were dark grey-ish blue...they turned out blue.

    DD2's were grey-brown...they turned out brown.

    DD3's are medium blue. I would be shocked if they didn't turn out blue. 

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