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Please forgive me - CarSeats

I cannot find the posts where I've asked this a millions of times and I'm finally about to purchase a new car seat. 

Please give me your top 3 rear facing car seats.  

I'm right now debating between a Diono and Recaro but would definitely be willing to go another route.


On a side note, my dh decided to wash dd car seat.  He pulled off the fabric not straps.  However now the fabric is torn.  Does this mean the car seat is no longer usable or can I purchase replacement fabric?  It's a Britax Roundabout.   

Re: Please forgive me - CarSeats

  • 1) The tallest-shelled seats currently on the market are the chicco nextfit, graco size4me/mysize/headwise (same seat, different names) and the diono radian. I would go for one of those. The recaro has a reputation for having very little leg room, which becomes a problem as a child gets older, so I would avoid that one.

    2) If he washed the straps with anything stronger than dawn or submerged them in water at all, the straps need replacing. A torn cover is not a problem. 

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  • We had a Britax for DD, and a Sunshine Radian (now called Diono) for DS. The Radian was by far better than the Britax... easier to install in our vehicle, and it is skinnier, so it is less crowded in the back seat.  However, before getting the Diono, make certain you can fit it in your vehicle RF.  We have an F150, and a 2001 Ford Focus, and to install it in the car, we had to move the passenger side seat all the way forward, and tilt it as far forward as we could.  That made it impossible for anyone to sit in the passenger side seat.  In our truck, it was still a tight fit, and passengers basically had no leg room, but I dealt with it until we turned the seat this spring. 
  • We have two Dionos and really like them.  The can be rear facing for a long time and since they are skinnier, we can fit three across in our car. least we are supposed to, we haven't actually tested that claim yet.
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