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Sleeping is not even enjoyable any more!!

Any one else in excruciating pain at night?? Once I finally get settled (if I don't move an inch), I am OK... but flipping over (grabbing the belly, wincing because of the pelvic pain and seemingly shattered tailbone) is another thing. Oh and the getting up 3 times to pee is wonderful!! Come soon baby!!!!
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Re: Sleeping is not even enjoyable any more!!

  • I have found that my pre-midnight time is pretty good.  I go to bed early around 8pm to get a good four hours of sleep.  After that its all over, I am up every 45-60 minutes. 
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  • I take two Benadryl around 730 when I take my vitamins and such. I usually wake up a couple times but it has helped tremendously. I take one more when I wake up around 2 for my bowl of cereal.
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  • Sleep is definitely not enjoyable. The pelvic pain is awful! 
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  • jefkjefk
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    For the past few days, I've been getting up every two hours to pee - even after cutting back on my water intake right before bed (I have a bad tendency to chug a ton of water before bed).  I guess it's practice for getting up every few hours to nurse?  That's what I'm telling myself...
  • Yeah, the end of pregnancy sucks hard. Try to keep your knees together when you are moving, it helps.
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  • Oh god yes. Awful pain. Up to walk every hour to feel better. Don't bring your knees to your stomach during those pains either. Makes it sooooo much worse. I've made that mistake a few times while trying to get comfortable again.
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    Any one else in excruciating pain at night?? Once I finally get settled if I don't move an inch, I am OK... but flipping over grabbing the belly, wincing because of the pelvic pain and seemingly shattered tailbone is another thing. Oh and the getting up 3 times to pee is wonderful!! Come soon baby!!!!

    That's exactly how I was feeling last night. Like come on kid, lets get a move on lol.
  • I am not in any pain, ya my pelvic bone is sore but this insomnia is a son of a b****. I should be getting ample amount of sleep and im not getting any.
  • I feel 80 years old when I get up in the morning.
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  • I don't look forward to bedtime like I used to.

    Rolling over hurts, the heartburn came back last night, I snore, the bouts of insomnia are annoying, and I am no less than 5x a night to pee.


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  • Totally!  And my hips hurt from laying only on my sides.  When I put a pillow between my knees to help my hips, it somehow crowds my belly...and I feel so HOT!  ahhh!
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    I feel 80 years old when I get up in the morning.

    Yeah, my spine has to pop in four different places for me to be able to walk in something resembling a normal fashion.

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  • I know what you mean flipping over is very painful for me.  I feel like my legs are going to fall off and my pelvic and tailbone pain is really bad.  I keep telling myself only a few more weeks and though my sleep will decrease dramatically with a newborn at least I can be comfortable in bed again.  This tailbone pain is bad and the sciatica pain down my right leg can be debilitating at times.  I had this with my daughter and the good news the minute she came out the pain was literally gone. Looking forward to no more pain when I sleep.
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  • LiLi23LiLi23
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    Yep, that pretty much sums it up. It takes me a while to get comfortable and then once I do I can sleep for a couple hours and then it's up to pee.  Wash, rinse, repeat until my alarm goes off. 


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  • It's been increasingly harder to sleep. Until last night. I might have gotten a full hours sleep. And I'm not exaggerating. I'm miserable today.

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  • Yup and everything pops when I turn over. Yoga before bed and keeping a pillow between my knees seems to help some when I actually do sleep, but I am averaging 4 hours a night right now.
  • Sleeping is terrible. I'm usually in pain when I roll over but last night the pain actually had me jump up. Plus my vagina hurts so bad that it makes moving even more excruciating.
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  • I get a horrible Charlie horse at night if I flex my leg. It's awful!

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